The Lost Titans

Alternative names: The Lost Titans

The Lost Titans - Multi hit game. Manufacturers games provide you the opportunity to stay in the role of Giant. Titans in the chaos of the world - one of the dominant disappeared Titans - Hyperion.

You can play The Lost Titans, but in the beginning it is necessary to look at the system requirements:

• average PC settings;

• connection to the Internet.

Game The Lost Titans needs formal oformenie player on the site, create your account. The Lost Titans registration does not take much time, and requires truthful indication of the identity of the player

1. visit the official site of the game The Lost Titans;

2. choose section - Play;

3. because you do not have an account yet - you select a row - create - create account;

4. enter the name (account)

5. think of and write down your password, consisting of not less than six letters or numbers;

6. repeat earlier ukaznogo password and do not repeat the password in other networks or games - security of your account,

7. enter your valid e-mail address;

8. enter the code that is written in the next line;

9. If you agree to the terms of use and policies of the game - tick;

10. tap - registration.

In the future, you will simply enter a name, password and ukaznogo code. Now you can start the game. From the beginning, select the class in which you enter. In The Lost Titans can play one of three classes:

• warrior;

• Ranger;

• magician.

Warrior - powerful, like a tank, does heavy damage, hits multiple enemies simultaneously. Always carry a giant sword, which he easily pave the way for their allies.

Ranger - deft master with advanced bow and arrows. At the same time a negative impact on some of the positive and the other heroes.

Mage - the strongest hero who uses only magic. Always carry a magic wand that produces cold.

When you reach a certain level in the game, you have to choose a faction on the side, which you will. Depend on your choice of all the parameters of the game. Before you make a choice, it is necessary to get acquainted with the characteristic of each faction, that would not make a mistake and select a home for the soul.

The Lost Titans game online offers you three factions - the Great Houses, each with individual philosophies

• House Levidis;

• House Kalgeris;

• House Vendramin.

House Levidis - are the wisest men, hardy and calm. Primary colors - white and black. Their strength in Pegasus Heaven. Engaged members of the House - diplomacy, urban development and trade.

House Kalgeris - proud family. Guarding their city as Cerberus with three heads, strong, alert and knowledgeable. Draw strength from the Cerberus Flame. Colors that represent their family - purple and gold. Activities - industry and security.

House Vendramin - quick-witted and intelligent representatives. The best strategists and thinkers. Power - Hydra Ocean. They are compared with it. Colors - silver and azure. Always take the first decision.

If you felt an urge to protect the inhabitants of this country and save the Titan - start the game in The Lost Titans online.

TLT game is presented to you in the best of its kind in the graph, for which you can thank the creators. Is in the world of pleasure. Good luck to you!

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