The Settlers Online - Settlers

Alternative names: Settlers, The Settlers, setlers, Settlers

TheSettlers online game is a sequel to conquer the world in the late 1993's military-economic strategy theSettlers (Settlers), due to which many gamers that time did not fill up at night. And now, thanks to Ubisoft developers, we are given the opportunity to try a browser version of the game for yourself. But before that, let's see what the developers have put forward demands to play TheSettlers. Minimum system requirements allow even play on the office computer configuration:

·                    Operating system Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Seven

·                    Intel Pentium III processor 800 MHz

·                    RAM 256 Mb

·                    64 MB video card

·                    Flash-playerposledney version

· Internet connection

·                    Does

As we see in the system requirements, there is nothing supernatural, so we can safely take to register an account. Join in the game TheSettlers not require you any special skills. On the main page of the official website you will be prompted for the standard data

·                     e-mail

·                     password and its confirmation

·                     the name by which you will know the system Uplay

·                     date of birth

Also need to learn and accept the user, the user agreement and privacy policy. Next, click the big blue button "Create Account" and TheSettlers online registration you already have. By the way, if you are already logged in Uplay, then registration TheSettlers you do not need: simply enter the game under their data. As you could already see from the description of the requirements, the game was created in flash, and will play in the browser, and you will not have to download and install on your computer, additional software applications.

When you start to play the game TheSettlers online, you will be given a piece of land, built a town hall, a certain amount of resources and unemployed settlers. And so you did not have to deal alone, clever artificial intelligence TheSettlersonline quickly bring you up to speed. He will show and tell what's what, and by following his instructions, you will receive experience points and will pass to the second level of the game.

Since the game online TheSettlers represented in the genre of military-economic strategy, the first thing you have to develop the economy. The main production chain consists of three phases: extract useful resources are made of them the products and use the fact that we have created.

By mining industry TheSettlers include resources such as:

·                     tree

·                     Ore

·                     water

·                     meat

·                     fish

·                     bird

Processing products are:

·                     flour

·                     Steel

·                     iron

·                     gold

·                     sausage

And as a final product are:

·                     Weapon

·                     armor and other devices designed to make life easier for settlers

It should be noted that in order to play the game online TheSettlers you have to think through every step in advance, calculate what resources you will need tomorrow to your subjects do not have to starve and they all worked. In general, everything is simple: in order to have raw materials - its reserves must constantly be replenished, and the same with the manufacturing industry: there will have to calculate the optimal amount of resources needed for production. The higher the level you will be in the game, the more buildings you will be available.

Do not forget that when you play the game online TheSettlers, except peaceful economic activities you will have to develop and military prowess. After all, when you have to conquer new lands for the expansion of settlements or to protect their possessions without warriors can not do. At first online game TheSettlers allow you to hire only two types of soldiers: archers and recruits. Over time, the list of available soldiers increased to nine. Every soldier is best used on the most suitable position for him, because of how the troops will depend placed your army win. Battles in the game are without your direct involvement, and with the progress of the battle you can read in the report. Troops during the battle take turns, so to avoid losses can not be any of the parties. In the game you can join a guild, or create your own and invite your friends to play together after all better.

When you are in theSettlers play, you have to turn your head and thinking development strategy, allocate resources, analyze the tactics of attack and defense.

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