The Stanley Parable

Alternative names: The Stanley Parable
The Stanley Parable game is very unusual, unique and not similar to other games. The Stanley Parable game was created in the genre of First Person Adventure, which means "first-person adventure." Developers (Galactic Cafe) igryThe Stanley Parable pc created a gaming experiment. This game is hard to call the game in the traditional sense, since it has no ordinary game mechanics, competitive process, there is only voice that might initially seem an inner voice of our hero. Creators of the game The Stanley Parable inspired games such as: Gone Home, Dear Esther, Minecraft, Portal. The Stanley Parable closer review will introduce you to this strange game and its protagonist Stanley Parable. You can also see The Stanley Parable video to feel the atmosphere of the game. The Stanley Parable game - it is the story of one ordinary office worker Stanley Parable. You (Stanley Parable) running in a very large corporation. Every day you come in your own spacious office at number 427 and work all day. The essence of your work is that you sit all day at the monitor of your computer and play the keys, following the instructions on the screen. You do an excellent job with their work and generally very satisfied with their lives. But one day, in one terrible day you do not come guidance, no one asks, jobs are not given ... First, you just wait, but on the screen and nothing appears. So you decide to get out of your favorite office and find out what happened. But coming out of the office, you realize that no one is around, everything disappeared and came your most terrible day. To understand what is happening Stanley have to dive into your subconscious and understand the role it plays in this extraordinary story. All the action hero Stanley Parable accompanied voiceover, which indicates where to go and what to do next. And then you need to decide to go on about the commentator or choose your different way. In The Stanley Parable play you will not be familiar, as in the game a little geypleya and absent are any problems and puzzles. You do not have to run, jump, shoot. You just need to walk the entire corporation, inspect offices and press keys. A key point in the game The Stanley Parable is to obey or go against the guidance voiceover. Game The Stanley Parable about the choice of the decision and the consequences of their decisions. Any decision, any choice and the path will lead you to one of the 18 endings. The game has a lot of different rooms, offices, stairs, doors. Cabinet protagonist may change and then running the game. Total time played Stanley says not a word, you only hear the voice of the commentator. In The Stanley Parable will be difficult to keep calm as game developers decided to make fun of the main character and the players, and created such an incredible ending. In one of them, Stanley goes mad and dies, another game will ask you to die (the screen would display Please Die). As you know, this extraordinary game breaks all the templates and not like other games. So if you participate in this game hurry The Stanley Parable download, this game is for you! System requirements The Stanley Parable: operating system - Windows Vista SP2 \ Windows 7 SP1; Processor - Dual Core 2. 0 or AMD64X2; RAM - 2 GB; graphics card - 128 MB (DirectX 9 compatible (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / ATI Radeon HD 5850), the presence of 3 GB of free hard disk space.
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