The West

Alternative names: Wild West

Wild West online - an exciting game that takes us in the colonization of North America. This is a great browser-life simulation of the cowboy. Online game The West is absolutely deserved the title of "Best Browser Game of 2011."

Join in the game The West is very simple and does not require much effort. To do this, click Join the Wild West. Then you need to choose a player name, a password and your e-mail address. Total enrollment in the game Wild West will take you no more than one or two minutes. In The West online game there is about a dozen servers. They differ only in the number of players. This can safely choose any of them and begin to play the game online The West. Great game Wild West registration which will allow you to taste the most exciting era in American history.

What would the Wild West does not need to play a particularly powerful computer or high speed connection. Still in the game a lot of visual images that can be downloaded for a long time if you have a slow internet connection.

Wild West online game in which you created a great system of conducting a duel that requires you to not only competent distribution of their skills but also the accuracy and response. Duels fully allow a taste of the Wild West. The game can vary, if you take out various tasks in the saloon. Doing them, you will gain experience and rewards that are necessary for learning new skills.

Meet known as "dress for success" online game Wild West to your attention about a dozen different clothing items and weapons, successfully combining the two, you can create a very strong character.

Wild West online game to achieve level 10 development opens up the four possible outcomes, which correspond with the four types of characters. You should choose very carefully, because to change your mind is no longer possible.

Adventurer - great style for those who can not sit still, who is always willing to adventure and easily start a new path, and can be easily evaluated for a new job. And who started to play the game online Wild West in order to deserve the glory of fun and mischievous guy.

Duelist - type of development those who like fighting spirit and enthusiasm who comes after a good brawl. This type will be interesting to those who decided to play the game online Wild West, because he loves to shoot.

Workaholic - choice calm, patient players who are more suited honest work and not dusty road, risk duels and military drill. Good style for peaceful players who play for the Wild West is not only eternal battle and shooting, it's hard work.

Soldier - the fourth type of development for real warriors, ready to serve and able to handle different types of weapons.

The next step will be the development of a choice of one of four possible professions: Chef, witch doctor, blacksmith and saddler. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Here, too, it is important not to make a mistake, because unfortunately the Wild West - a harsh place and change the profession will no longer be possible.

Travel - an important part of the game, you can move between the different towns of the Wild West. In every city there are about a dozen different buildings, where you can get the job, do the job, refresh and relax ammunition. The most interesting building is undoubtedly the Church, because the rules of the game severely forbidden to talk about what's going on in this building. Learn about this can only be yourself visiting a church service.

You can also settle in one of the cities and help him develop, initiate and participate in the construction of buildings, forts to protect the city from attacks and become a living legend.

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