The wild eight

Alternative names: Wild Yate

The Wild Eight game: try to survive.

If you think you are in trouble, then you never fell on an airplane in the middle of Alaska's forests. The Wild Eight game is translated as "Wild Eight". That is how much people survived the crash of an airliner, and it would be the height of universal injustice to die for other reasons no longer on earth. It tells the story of people who continue to fight for their lives.

Eight Points Survival Simulator Developer, and publisher HypeTrain Digital. Some players have already managed to play The Wild Eight game in the spring of 2016, when it was published without a cooperative mode, but only with the aim of showing the main game features and graphics. Work on the toy continues, and the authors all the time contribute new features, locations and parameters of the characters themselves. The idea received a positive response from fans of the genre, who had already tested it.

What happened?

It is impossible to imagine how people feel in a falling plane, realizing the approach of doom. And it is just as difficult to understand the moment when they realize that they miraculously remained intact. But joy passes quickly when you see only snow-covered forest around, you hear the wolves howl. From this moment begins a new stage in the struggle of man for existence. To help the surviving group return home, you need to download The Wild Eight, and in its composition begin to act according to circumstances.

  • Explore territory
  • Build a Home
  • Receive food
  • Take care of each other
  • Solve Conflicts
  • Drive off predators
  • Pass the quests

It is clear that everything is on the nerves, and periodically there are internal conflicts. We can not allow them to flare up, because strife will only aggravate the situation. Do everything to extinguish the conflict, find a way out of a dangerous situation.

You have to explore the territory and make a lot of discoveries. For example, a secret laboratory will be found, and we need to figure out what was going on in it. Among your finds will be abandoned bunkers and unusual items, which also raise many questions. You will be pursued by terrible secrets, wild beasts and mystical creatures, which greatly complicates the task of salvation. Continuing to play The Wild Eight, you need to take care of many things, and therefore the team spirit is very important. You will be able to play in a single company, but more likely to survive by choosing the team version of the gameplay.

Develop skills.

Any serious game involves the development of objects and characters. iPlayer The Wild Eight in this regard is also no exception. Initially, your people are weak, but you must try to quickly improve their qualities of a hunter, carpenter, tracker and other characteristics. Each member of the group has a scale of life, so that you can see how well he feels. At any moment it can start to decrease, because you can die for various reasons:

  • From hunger
  • Holod
  • Infections
  • V feed the wolf

Build shelters in which you can relax after the road. Make sure you have a firewood stock at night. If you do not have fire, you are defenseless in front of night predators, and also have to eat food raw. This will lead to diseases of the stomach and, without dying from hunger, you will die from food poisoning. However, having a pharmacy with the necessary medicines can still be fixed. But, even after dying, there is a hope to rise, if your friends have a defibrillator that is not easy to find.

You have to learn new skills, and if you didn’t know how to drive a car, you will have to master it for the common good. Remember that every action can be decisive.

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