The Witcher

Alternative names: The Witcher

Game The Witcher is a computer role-playing game developed in 2007. This game is based on the work of the famous Polish writer.

The protagonist of the game - it's Herald, this warlock. Its main task is to hunt monsters that live in his world.

In many ways, the development of events in the game will depend on your choice in the game. The Witcher game outcome can be completely different.


Download The Witcher you can from the official website of the game, but only pre-filing application and fee. The Witcher game download can only grown users as to access the site, enter your date of birth. For those who are less than eighteen years of age, access to the site will be closed.


Before the game, check out the video of The Witcher. This video covers the main features of the game.

In The Witcher computer game play you will be familiar with all the characters: primary, secondary and villains.

The main characters in the game are as follows:

1. Geralt of Rivia - is the protagonist, a witch who has lost his memory the stories. The main purpose for him in the game you are searching for stolen relics hereditary warlocks. During the adventure, he will gradually remember their lives.

2. Triss Merigold - gifted sorceress, Geralt's girlfriend. It belongs to the most famous of the sorceress in the game.

3. Shani - is the nurse who in the temple of the Holy Quinoa works. She is a friend of Geralt. Triss or Shani can be a girl Gerplta.

4. Buttercup - this is the best friend of Geralt. He is known as a womanizer and a chatterbox who constantly merges into various scrapes. However, he is a talented poet and bard. Ordeal for all the characters in the game is a feast with buttercups.

5. Zoltan Khiva is one of the best friends of Geralt. Also, he is one of the main characters of the game. He knows very well on the gun.


In-Game The Witcher The Witcher villains are:

1. Professor - is a member of the group "Salamander". He is considered the right hand Yaveda Azara, this professional assassin. In the third chapter of his queen ate frights.

2. Jacob of Aldersberga is Grand Master of the Order of the Flaming Rose. He - a powerful mage.

3. Azar Yaved - this is one of the main villains in the game. He is a magician of fire, the group leader, "Salamander" and hates the water element. In the fifth chapter Geralt kills him.


In-Game The Witcher swords are divided into several classes:

1) Bad Swords - Swords it, which is difficult to overcome the main opponents.

2) Witchers swords - an inexpensive simple class swords. Name mainly uses witcher.

3) Not effective swords - is weak on dealing damage swords, but apparently they are very beautiful.

4) Against monsters - is silver swords that fights the magician when he is attacked by monsters.


Quests Witcher meet different levels of complexity. The higher head in the game, the harder it will be to you quests.


Witcher game that for many years captivates lovers of this playing style. Join in and get their number with them enjoying the game.

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