They Are Billions

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They Are Billions is a real-time strategy in which people confront hordes of zombies and they can’t cope without you. You can play They Are Billions on PC. The graphics are good, but the game does not require you to have a top gaming computer. Music helps create a tense atmosphere of confrontation.

The events of the game take place in the distant future, a zombie apocalypse swept across the world, as a result of which billions of bloodthirsty zombies appeared on the surface of the planet. The surviving people are isolated in fortress cities. You will lead one of these settlements in They Are Billions PC.

For your people to survive, a lot needs to be done:

  • Establish a continuous supply of construction materials and other resources
  • Explore the area around the fortress in search of useful items and artifacts
  • Build walls, watchtowers and housing for the population of the fortress city
  • Increase the size of your army
  • Develop the skills of your warriors
  • Repel the attacks of hordes of zombies
  • Get access to the oil field
  • Find the best tactics against all types of enemies

This list contains the main tasks that await you while playing They Are Billions.

There are very few resources left in the disaster-stricken world and you will have to fight for them. Even if it seems to you that the city is safe, it is not. Billions of zombies roam the territory of the destroyed world, they gather in giant groups. If one of these groups comes across your fortress, it will be very difficult to survive. In addition to defensive structures, you will need a strong army, led by real heroes.

Without talented leaders, an army fights less effectively. The best fighters and commanders are heroes; they travel the world and can be hired for money. Many of them are not the most pleasant characters to talk to, but you need them to protect civilians.

Manage resources wisely, set priorities, otherwise the settlement may perish.

Zombies are divided into different types, each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. Every time you have to change tactics and strategy depending on who is opposing your troops.

Battles are on a huge scale. The AI in the game successfully controls a huge number of enemies, there can be up to 20,000 of them in one battle.

The virus that turned the population of the world They Are Billions into bloodthirsty zombies has not disappeared. Do not allow even one of the monsters to enter the city, it can infect everyone who is outside the walls and you will have to start over.

There is nothing wrong with trying again. The world in They Are Billions is randomly generated again and it’s fun to play like the first time.

Before playing you need to download and install They Are Billions. The Internet is not needed during the game.

They Are Billions free download on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can purchase the game on the Steam portal or on the official website.

Start playing right now and help people survive in a world where a virus is raging, turning the population into zombies.

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