Alternative names: Thief

Game Thief is a multi-platform computer game, which was created in the genre of stealth action. Type in the game takes place in the first person. This part will be considered is the fourth in a series of projects throughout this universe. The developer is the company Eidos Montreal. It should be noted that this project was officially announced back in 2009, although born only recently.

To start the game, just download the Thief, and then install on your computer. The plot is the story of a professional thief Garrett, who is engaged in relief and purses chests rich world. The main idea throughout the game is covert missions passing through all pre-established skills. If you look Thief video, we can see that violence is seen as an extreme measure impact.

During gameplay the main character is constantly invited to make a choice. At each level, Garrett has to choose between the possible ways and approaches. Also in all versions, not only in Thief pc, the hero can use the features of the world. Another addition is the ability to rob characters. But, if anyone would notice the thief, he will be at serious risk. How come out of all the "unpleasant" situations, decide again, would be a gamer himself.

It should be noted that artificial intelligence computer characters knows design at all levels. In connection with this Thief will play quite difficult, because the algorithms computer behavior will vary from level to level.

The game is a spectacular action, in which the character will need to constantly wade into various locked doors or windows. Since Garrett professional thief, he certainly has a set of cracker. Throughout the game, he would steal things and different values ​​of the pockets, trunks and doors closed different rich people.

System Requirements Thief is average, and there is no need to improve their gaming device to the latest configuration. One of the main weapons thief is onions, which the character will be in possession of various arrows, such as fire, water, or fighting. In addition, the thief has even arsenal and noise arrows. The presence of so many different weapons provides different ways through the levels, using diversionary tactics.

I should add that it is possible to download Thief on android, which is also a huge plus game. All the action takes place in the fictional world of the Victorian era, under the direct influence of steampunk culture. Start the game shows that the main character was absent in his hometown for a long time and now in his homeland ruled by a tyrant. To make matters worse, a terrible plague. From all this, oddly enough, the main character is going to "squeeze" its own benefit. New constantly will keep gamers on their toes and not let go until the very end.

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