Throne Kingdom at War

Alternative names: Throne War of the Kingdoms

Game Throne Kingdom at War: Become a Great Lord

In the market of gaming products, new offers appear every now and then. An experienced gamer can easily distinguish a dummy from an interesting fun, and the high rating, which is demonstrated by the game Kingdom at War, says that it contains all those qualities that are appreciated by strategy lovers.

The first thing that especially pleases virtual warriors is the ability to play on computers and mobile devices in Throne Kingdom at War. And since the browser is a toy, you can enter it through a social network.

Life of the ruler

Before you classic example of a multiplayer strategy with elements of fantasy. There are enemies and friends, as well as a kingdom that needs to be developed and defended. It all starts small, but gradually the lands handed to you should develop into a strong state with a powerful army and a sustainable economy. There are plenty of enemies around, and therefore attacks from their side will be frequent. To this end, I exist friends, or rather, friendly nations with which alliances are to be created. Together, it is easier and more reliable to repel the attacks of those who do not share your views on good neighborly relations.

Consisting of a large group of like-minded people, you will also explore the land, fight monsters. Playing the game Throne Kingdom at War, communicating with real people, is not only more interesting, but also more useful. You are guaranteed support and assistance in the form of resources and military assistance. Ask them for advice, but do not forget that they are waiting for similar retaliatory moves from you.

Wisely, we fight bravely

You find yourself in a colorful medieval world, where there is no modern technology, but there is magic and sharp blades. Become part of this reality will help Throne Kingdom at War registration, which does not require complex manipulations. What else pleasantly surprises are:

  • Great Volumetric Graphics
  • The choice of languages
  • Game process without additional purchases
  • A large number of quests
  • Ability to equip your hero at your own discretion
  • Join and create your Orders
  • Select a fighter class

By class, let's see who is represented:

  • Bight Knights
  • Schelled arrows
  • Speakers
  • Prospectors
  • Crowing troops
  • Cavalry 1000 20

Staff part of Throne Kingdom at War, to be kept abreast of progress. This means that in addition to military campaigns, you will have to constantly build and improve something. As it is known that the settlement was viable, residents need houses, taverns, shops. Soldiers need barracks and training grounds. And for the city needed warehouses, forges, sawmills, mines. When mining coal, wood, stone and other minerals, do not forget that the higher the level of the mines, the more precious raw materials they will bring. The same applies to other enterprises, they extract the source material or produce goods.

V gaming workshops are all interconnected, and therefore try to pay attention to all industries in a timely and uniform manner. If there are few houses or they do not correspond to the level of life of citizens, there will be no one to work, and this will affect the lack of food, clothing and weapons. Do not forget to pump and warriors, sending them to the tasks. The choice of quests is great, and you can choose any, having studied the conditions and the size of the reward. Choose the ones that correspond to the level of your hero's leveling, so that his strength is enough for a campaign and a battle with the enemy.

The Game of Throne Kingdoms War is constantly being improved, new additions appear, so you won't be bored. By joining the players, you will become a part of their close-knit family, and soon get your first task after a little training.

Explore science the right way, explore always

The Academy is one of the main buildings in your kingdom. As soon as you build it, start research immediately. At first, they cost little and don't take long to discover. But the more you research, the more expensive the new technologies are, but also the bonuses from them are higher. Categories: Economic (affect the amount of resources you extract and everything associated with them); Military (add attack/defense during attack/defense; bonuses for warriors and everything associated with your army); Intelligence (improves intelligence abilities; improves speed, chance and the amount of data you can collect from the enemy); Training (improves the speed and cost of training soldiers in different categories); Aggressors (unlock access to unique monsters that attack the continent; you can destroy them and get prizes; the higher the level and There are also separate technologies for different types of soldiers of different levels.

Dominion Ruins: How do I pass and what do I do?

To enter the ruins pump up your palace to level 10 or higher. Behind the ruins are the ruins of the ancient Dominion Empire, which you will have to explore and find untold treasures there. First, go to the base camp - open the Expedition HQ, it is located near the port in your capital city. Once in base camp prepare the adventurers, they will go on an expedition and explore the streets of the once great empire in search of treasure, as well as fighting monsters on their way. There are three buildings in the base camp:

  • The adventurer's tavern - a place to pump and change his appearance
  • Shop of the Dominion - here you can buy a variety of useful items
  • The Dominion workshop is where you can create items for your adventurer (gives you a performance bonus)

During his wanderings, the adventurer will encounter monsters on his path - aggressors and renegades. Defeat them and get valuable prizes. And if they bore you, you can already meet an alpha-aggressor. He's a more experienced and hardened fighter that's not so easy to defeat. Gather your will and strength in your fist and go for the treasure!

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