Alternative names: Half Zero

After a nuclear explosion mankind has received a new starting point and took a different path of development - not a new idea, but its implementation in the post-apocalyptic role-playing game TimeZero online very impressive. Online game TimeZero already quite popular on the Web, thanks to the excellent graphics, exciting quests and the maximum capability of your character in terms of development.

To begin TimeZero requires registration. Ofsayte on the game, select the appropriate option. After reading the prologue, press "play" and enter the name for the character, a valid mailbox address and password confirmation. Nuance - registration in the game TimeZero offers just select the gender of your future hero. Next, accept the rules and agreement and presses "enter." Wait for the letter with the activation of the account, confirm it - and TimeZero online registration you already have.

Well, now you can come to grips with the creation of the character. Already at this stage the game online TimeZero well itself recommends. Various schemes to create an image of the hero, eleven professions division into camps (two of them), and fractions (eight), and a huge number of clans. So, play the game online you will TimeZero one of the warring camps - for Healers Kronos or for Black Scorpion. However, while you "do not shine" to be in their ranks, why - read on. Each camp is formed of four factions.

The positive "Healers Kronos" include the following fraction:

1. Rangers - heirs of the military profession, protect the weak and oppressed from robberies and looting;

2. Iron Hawks - a group of talented scientists, the goal is to find new civilizations in space;

3. PsyONIX - a special group of people psy-kinetics (work with the power of thought)

4. White Legion - Army of the Great Emperor.

In camp negative "Black Scorpion" includes fractions

1. Invasion - merciless soldiers aliens from another solar system;

2. SysTEAM - robots and mind control them, "Sara", tend to the destruction of all organic beings;

3. Free Farmers - independent farmers;

4. Moscow Gangsters - spot "bosota" - thieves, murderers, looters, etc.

All beginners start playing TimeZero with "incubator", a special place where you can go through training fights (click "show fight") and arm - you have a cold, throwing, firearms, energy weapons. And, of course, get a first job. Ready? Then take your backpack and go - there beyond the walls of the building you will find a wonderful, mysterious and brutal world.

Each passing quest hero brings experience, improved parameters (characteristics and skills), the completion of the inventory. As for performance, the ten of them: experience, health, vitality, psi-energy, strength, agility, intuition, stamina, accuracy, intelligence. Skills a little more (13) and develop as they use those weapons or other items, medical supplies or equipment. In the course of how you will TimeZero play, try to develop them all.

In random and story quests, TimeZero online game in which you can earn (work in the mines), extract and sell resources to destroy monsters and mutants (order them here 16), etc. etc. And most importantly, you need to know (or not ... if you are interested intrigue - spoiler! ) Play the game online TimeZero you to a certain point and when your character will be strong enough and the number of levels you at the desired level, that's when you have to take sides - to become a Healer Kronos, or Black Scorpion. And then - your new personal benchmark.

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