Titan Siege

Alternative names: Titan Siege
Myths, legends and ancient riddles almost no conscious man can not remain indifferent. Antiquities stories captivate from the first seconds and keep the suspense until the final chord. Game Titan Siege - this online role-the embodiment of all the most interesting and exciting stories. The project was implemented in the gaming genre's most beloved - is an MMORPG game. Underlying all of these events - the myths and legends of Northern Europe and ancient Greece. And since almost all the myths and legends, by and large, were reduced to a single idea - confrontation of gods and men, gamers will be introduced to another vision of "a perennial problem." Titan Siege online was created a new OEM engine of its own design. Programmers came to his creation with full responsibility, so eventually turned out quite competitive result - and the gameplay, and the picture looks more than decent and attractive. In the project there are no preliminaries, courses and training young fighter - the player immediately falls into the arms of violent virtual reality, that is, into the fray. Immediately after the start of gameplay gamers have to find out what is, in fact, the whole point of the project. It turns out that all the problems described in the game - the age-old conflict between the two major factions of the divine. The fact that according to legend, Titan Siege online, one of the factions took the side of people, while others share the interests of the Titans. Due to the fact that the developers worked on the soul graphics, play Titan Siege not just interesting, but also a pleasant aesthetically. All the characters and scenery are drawn quality and very realistic. Paradoxically, even the monsters in this game look very attractive. However deluded this appeal should not be - their appearance is deceptive, and, in fact, they represent a serious danger. During gameplay will explore the territory of the world - the attention of gamers still offered enough-scale map, which can be explored inside and out. Since this is a typical online project, then, of course, in the Titan Siege registration process will be required. Scrutinizing hint system, you can quickly fill in the registration form - any difficulties arise in the process should not. The project drew attention gamers beautifully decorated and prescribed battle RvR. In the battle, you can use a variety of weapons. Those who are with the project already more or less familiar, knows that the most effective in battle are traditional catapults and cannons. In Titan Siege can play, choosing your character different hobby if I may say so. Heroes can get involved in collecting or receiving a sincere pleasure of adventure, practice magic or fight skillfully. At the disposal of the main character will have its own castle, and for freedom which will have to fight, putting maximum effort.
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