Alternative names: Technomages

Technomages online - is a free MMORPG that will help you dive into the world of fantasy.

Online game technomages makes the following computer requirements

• Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7 or Linux

• high-speed Internet connection,

• Processor: Pentium 4 1. 6GHz, AMD XP 2500 +, AMD Athlon64 2800 +


• At least 1 GB of free hard disk space.

To play the game online technomages need to download the game client - about 300 mb. Customers are different - for Windows and Linux, in addition to each client at the game site included a detailed description of the installation and updates.

Register technomages game begins with the fact that before you unfold comprehensive book, in which you briefly talk about the features of each of the two races and make you choose the race and sex of the character. Then technomages online registration prompts you to enter

• character name

• Password

• Address your e-mail box

• select a secret question

• write the answer to the secret question

• enter code

In addition, you will need to read and accept the user agreement and the rules of the game. Register technomages completed and you can start playing.

Technomages online game immerses you in the world of Elinor, where there is a harsh confrontation of people and gnomes

• Gnomes - more prone to technology and different mechanisms. Their objects and artifacts cause enormous damage to people. Able to self-healing

• people - it's magicians. They own a variety of attack and defense spells and magic healing

Technomages online game offers users an interesting battle system. To strike or defend against enemy attacks, you'll have to collect a number of balls of the same color. The more balls will be in the same row, the stronger will be your kick. When you start to play the game online technomages, you will pass a special training that you will devote to the subtleties of battles. However, you should note that the tactic will work on a single enemy, may not work for another, so during each battle you will have to develop a new strategy for fighting.

In addition, you can have multiple recipes, elixirs and special areas that may have a significant influence on the course of the battle, if they apply in time.

For victories in battle, quests, and other glorious deeds of your character is awarded medals. These medals have a significant impact on the parameters of the character and course of the battle. In particular, they affect your initiative, increase the critical strike chance, stun, rage, give additional spells.

In special areas designated under attack, you can fight with any player, however, if your level differs by more than two units, the experience for the victory in the battle you get. You can also fight on a special arena.

Experience, which affects the growth of the level of your character, you can also get by fighting with numerous and various monsters. For the victory over every monster you get trophies - scrolls or unique things. Just a unique weapon you can get by fighting with other players.

After each battle you will need to repair his equipment, because it may break and disappear forever.

Play technomages very interesting, because from the fifth level of character development, you become available four professions:

• taynopisets

• jeweler

• smith

• Alchemist

Reaching the heights in his profession, you will be able to sell you create unique products.

Peace in the game is very colorful and laid out, you will find a lot of interesting quests - jobs for which you will receive trophies and rewards.

In technomages play - it looked good time, join one of the many clans and find there true friends.

Game technomages make of every true magician!

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