Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Alternative names: Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Game Tomb Raider: Anniversary - a real record of its kind. Output of the project "in people" waiting gamers from around the world. He represented an even greater interest than the legendary Final Fantasy. While the first red on the calendar day the project noted only his loyal fans. But with the approach of the notified date of the official presentation of increased number of people willing to personally test new game. In the end it turned out that the presentation was a real treat for many: and for those who have long been fans of the project, and those who even did not know about the history of Lara Croft, no game features associated with it (and whether it is related ? ). The creators of Tomb Raider Anniversari claim that their loyal fans have contributed to the exit of the new game. Developers say that the entire existence of Tomb Raider they received letters from all over the world from the gamers of the project, which was described in different languages ​​about the same request - to create a remake of Lara Croft. And the voice of the people heard. Agreeing to the same on the development of "new songs on the old way", the development team has put one important condition. They were willing to give the people what he wants, but in a particular kind of treatment. Fans have become agitated at this very moment. Persistent reports about carrying the official presentation of the game is regularly added excitement. To date, without any shadow of a doubt we can say that download Tomb Raider: Anniversary - the duty of every gamer and every person in one way or another related to computer games. The game creators have fulfilled the maximum program - they have managed to make a game that is able to meet all requirements. The game came out really high quality and very interesting, and it looks nothing like its prototype at the same time. Naturally, loved by millions of players "chips" were, but now the project is surprising scale. The game map is practically not changed a bit, but it does not mean that it is not changed jobs and missions. From now on, be prepared for a meeting with various monsters and surprises have been waiting for you at every level, in every zone. These features dramatically change some of the nuances of the game. In Tomb Raider: Anniversary play, as practice shows, is much more interesting. Developers have added new skills, and the main character has become more agile, brave and strong. Improved and the game scenario - developers have even the most minor detail, ever resented players. Rather unfortunate moments in the plot were inserted video cuts. Whatever appeared in the game, she was able to maintain its "nature" is not becoming in a modern way too far-fetched. Personally verify the veracity of the above can be looked to Tomb Raider: Anniversary video trailer, which is described in detail all the details and features of the game.
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