Tom Clancy's The Division

Alternative names: Tom Clancy Division

How many people are capable of surviving in conditions of biological attack? This question puzzled the game Tom Clancy's The Division from the group of developers Sweden Ubisoft Massive, America's Red Storm and Britain Ubisoft Reflect, as well as the publisher Ubisoft, which prepares exclusive content on the Xbox One. In addition to this platform, you can buy a game for the PlayStation 4, and Tom Clancy's The Division download for PC.

The output was several times voiced and moved. In May 2014, it was removed for the summer of 2015, but then they announced a new release date on March 8, 2016. The game itself is the beginning of the game series, which is just to appear, but it belongs to the genre MMORPG shooter, which promises fans of shooters dynamic zavarushki.

The material side.

It has become a tradition that all cataclysms occur in America, and the events of this game are also unfolding in New York in Manhattan near future. How will people behave if a biological catastrophe occurs? How quickly will the infection spread, and which part of the population will be viable and ready to engage in battle with the enemies? Under the quarantine, most of the territories fell on the second day. Further, the exchanges collapsed, electricity and water were lost, stores were emptied, and people became enemies. For such a situation, a special unit is created from people who work in a peaceful environment by engineers, doctors, policemen, scientists, E. But they are trained to operate in conditions of extreme danger, and now they have to fight the virus, and with the forces responsible for its appearance.

How successful will the team work, depends on the players who decided to download Tom Clancy's The Division and involved in the mission. Everything starts in Manhattan, then the territory will increase, new areas will be available. The authors promise that it will be possible to join the game in the image of the drone assistant from a special mobile application via a smartphone or tablet. The game product is designed for team passing, although single actions are possible, but in this case it is necessary to adapt to the world, which is influenced by other players.

Before you open the world of Tom Clancy's The Division on PCs and characters without reference to certain professions, classes or races. At the very beginning all skills are open, and their increase and development depends on the activity of gamers. The agents of the organization are equipped with a backpack with the necessary things for the next 72 hours. A full set of items will be known when the long-awaited moment of the toy's release comes, but it is already known for sure that the set contains:

    • Standard Edition Divisions;
    • Gold in addition to a copy of the version of the game here includes a season ticket with a still unknown content, and the addition of the"National Guard";
    • The collection of Zee Division includes the addition of the Hazmat Gear Set, season ticket, poster, booklet with the basics of the game, an arm bag and an agent's working hours.
    • Serial clock that implements the user interface
    • Mask protection
    • Contact lenses that improve the perception of the surrounding reality
    • Many types of weapons
    • Media of communication

    We welcome and choose

    At the moment, the developers have not announced the system characteristics, which will be comfortable to play on the PC, but the pre-order is opened, which allows Tom Clancy's The Division to buy package versions:

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