Alternative names: Torchlight

Torchlight game online is a computer game that was developed in the genre of hack and slash RPG.

Actions in the game takes place in a small town in the highlands. On this mountain has valuable resources that are used for magic. But this is not only a valuable resource, it is a danger to all living organisms.

A long stone impact Ember person may become obsessed or even turn into a monster.


Download Torchlight you can from the official site, by sending a request. Game client for download Torchlayt You can only charge and if you have a full eighteen years. Before the game, see the video about the game Torchlight. This video introduces you to the basic features of the game.


In the computer game Torchlight classes have three kinds:

1. Destroyer (Destroyer) - is the protagonist of which is most similar to the classic Barbarian. He is a master of melee. Destroyer employs the most durable armor and melee weapons. The main focus during the development of this class is on the attributes of the "defense" of "force."

2. Alchemist (The Alchemist) is the protagonist of which corresponds to the usual classical Magoo. This class is best for long range attacks. Alchemist knows a huge amount as usual spells and protective. In addition, he can summon other creatures. He attributes of the need to develop protection and magic.

3. Vanquisher (winner) is the protagonist that resembles the Amazon and Assassin. This class uses firearms, traps, poisons, various tactical tricks. Develop in this class need dexterity and protection.


In the computer game you will play Torchlight on different landscapes. All territories are characterized by specific geographic and structural features, as well as monsters that inhabit them.

The game has the following types of locations:

1) Twilight Town - a place from which to start your adventure protagonist. This place is safe and there are no monsters. In Twilight Town, you can buy a gear.

2) Mine - is the first location where you will meet monsters. Territory mines completely devastated, but you can determine that the monsters here are relatively recent. Few places for catching fish.

3) Castle - a place in which you get after passing the mines. There are a lot of traps and secret rooms. At the end of this level you fight the first boss.

4) Ruins of Esther - it flooded city, which will take you right after the battle with the boss. Navigate through this area will be very difficult. You will need to connect the teleporters.

5) Dungeon - is a place that looks like a large number of islands connected by bridges honey themselves. Of monsters, you will meet here lizard-like creatures.

6) Underground Prison - this prison complex, which is located deep underground. At the end of this location, you will meet with your boss.

7) Lost Castle - is one of the most dangerous locations. The fish here is not usual and live-dead dwarves.

8) Black palace - is the most dangerous place in the game. Here you will meet the most serious monsters.


Game Torchlayt full of different events, mysterious places and exciting adventures!

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