Alternative names: Tormgard

Tormgard online - is a free browser-based game, which is full of adventure. There are wild places, ancient ruins and dark dungeons, which will need to overcome their enemies, taking their treasures! Game type is presented in the form of a certain picture book, in which the player will be able to learn this mysterious world, which is filled with magic and fairy tale characters. ...

To begin Tormgard to play, we need not only a complicated Register Tormgard: you need to enter your login, password and e-mail in the registration fields. Here vprintsype done with this game Tormgard Register, you can begin choosing svogo future hero. Initially, you need to select the floor and one of the four races - Human, Elf, Dwarf, Half-orc. Next, you choose your hero future profession. Let's look at these professions. So:

Man - available to it such professions as Barbarian, Priest, Warrior, Knight, Ranger and Dodger.

Elf - available to it such professions as Warrior, Priest, Ranger and Dodger.

Dwarf - available to it such professions as Priest and Warrior.

Half-orc - available to it such professions as the Barbarian, Warrior and Ranger.

It should be noted that the online game Tormgard, you can create multiple characters under one account (it gives you the opportunity to play different races and have different occupations).

In Tormgard online game, each character has the basic characteristics such as Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Life Points, Attack and Defense. Increasing in the game the level of these characteristics, be attentive to ihnim opportunities, since this will depend on your further combat ability. In addition to these characteristics, do not forget about indicators such as the level and amount of experience.

Play game Tormgard online player to be miraculous and mysterious locations that are full of dangers and adventures. Game locations Tormgard online classified into three types: the City, spacious and Dungeons. Each of these locations has its own characteristics and purposes:

City - a place where the hero begins his journey in this game.

Space - here you have to go through the green meadows, dark forests, smelly swamp and dangerous mountain. Here you can find a treasure to stumble upon a trap or enemies meet, beating which the hero will get gold, experience and trophies that you can then sell on the return to the city. One of the features of this location is its safety.

Dungeons - are secret places that can not get all mortal. Here, apart from the usual enemies, live strong elite monsters and bosses. Each dungeon has a series of mini-quests are passed, your hero will be able to engage the main boss of this dungeon, a victory over you, will be a generous reward.

Tormgard online game has a so-called Occasional: Fight (fights with enemies and monsters), Accident (possibility of falling into the trap) and a lucky find (found quantities of gold, many times more prepared for the fights).

Tormgard online game has its own currency, the gold and platinum.

Well, you will have the desire to play the game online Tormgard? If yes, then check Tormgard waiting for you!

And lastly, we can say that playing Tormgard be quite interesting.

So, do not waste time, prove to everyone that you're the best!

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