Total War: Arena

Alternative names: Total War Arena

Total War: Arena is an animated story.

With huge impatience fans of multiplayer games of the historical genre expect the release of Total War: Arena, performed on the model of free-to-play. Developer Creative Assembly and publisher Wargaming are working together to continue the Total War series for the Microsoft Windows platform. Its features:

  • No mode of global turn-based strategy, only battles
  • Multiplayer game
  • Combining the genres of the fighting arena (MOBA) and real-time strategy (RTS)

The tactics of ancient military art. The army of ancient Rome, Greece, Carthage and barbarian tribes will converge on the lists. By choosing the side, you will receive under your command up to 100 thousand soldiers, ready to fulfill any order of the commander. But you'll have to download Total War: Arena beforehand.

Battles between opponents take place in 10x10 mode, and you need to pump your soldiers to win, improving individual characteristics. Do not forget about the weapon, because with the course of events it also needs to be improved. Yes, and tactics over time must be changed, not allowing the enemy to foresee your steps. From each belligerent side the best generals gathered, and starting in Total War: Arena to play, choose the one who is ready to be entrusted with a thousand-strong army.

Ground the Greeks:

  • Leonid using a shield and a spear, will until the last defend the frontier. Do not be afraid to get along with the enemy in close combat.
  • Multiad aggressive, assertive. He uses a ram and ruthlessly finishes the wounded on the battlefield.
  • Alexander the Macedonian is a thin strategist, who can effectively use the forces of infantry and cavalry.
  • Cinana commands cavalry and archers, whose arrows always find their goal.

The Romans are commanded:

  • Julius Caesar is an excellent leader, skillfully coordinating the actions of infantrymen and siege vehicles. Has strong allies.
  • Germanic prefers to attack first, using clever tricks in close combat. He likes to act brazenly and decisively, discouraging the enemy.
  • Scipion African perfectly copes with the command of infantry and cavalry. Fast and mobile.
  • Sulla cruel and ruthless. He is like a tank wedged into the ranks of the enemy and perfectly holds the blow.

U Carthaginians:

  • Hannibal his fury is transferred to the army, and this helps to quickly overcome any distance to inflict a fatal blow.
  • Hasdrubal is the younger brother of Hannibal. Unites allies, but in battle likes to alternate attacks with retreats.

The barbarians command the following:

  • The Queen of Boudicca is fierce and irresistible, which enjoys the respect and confidence of her people.
  • Arminius leads a reconnaissance squad forward. These are cunning guys who can remain invisible.
  • Vercingtering when it is on the battlefield, it turns into a real hell.

It's enough to download the game Total War: Arena, and you get into the thick of events. From the choice of the faction, it depends on which army you will command:

  • Sports
  • Conference
  • New arrows
  • Metal weapons
  • Boy Dogs
  • The number of elephants

Beginning to play the game Total War: Arena, you will be able to visit nine different locations. And wherever the war has thrown you, there will be a miniature map in the lower corner of the screen. Also, you will see a panel of troops showing such important indicators as the combat status, spirit and abilities of the detachment, auxiliary equipment, health, commander's skills and his well-being.

Total Var Arena allows you to communicate with other players, choose the type of combat and view its replay. As for the currency, there is gold, silver and experience in the process.

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