Total War: Napoleon

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Total War: Napoleon real-time strategy is one of the games in the famous Total War series. You can play Total War: Napoleon on PC. The graphics here are quite realistic and detailed, armies of thousands look believable. The game is sounded with high quality, the music corresponds to the era.

In Total War: Napoleon you will have the opportunity to take command of huge armies during the Napoleonic Wars.

Conquer the territories of Europe and beyond together with the legendary commander and emperor.

The interface is simple and clear and experienced players will not have any problems; for beginners, there are tips and a little training at the beginning of the campaign.

In order to complete all the tasks you will have to try:

  • Organize the extraction of building materials and other resources
  • Build cities, upgrade buildings and capture new territories
  • Upgrade the weapons and armor of your warriors
  • Increase the size of the army, during the campaign this will give an advantage over enemies
  • Defeat AI-controlled armies on the battlefield during the story campaign or real people in multiplayer mode

You will do all this while playing Total War: Napoleon PC.

In the game you will find several story campaigns starting from the early period and including the events of 1814.

Each of them offers many interesting tasks in different areas of the map. You will face a large number of opponents who have unique weaknesses and strengths. You will have to develop an individual strategy in each of the confrontation options.

You can play for any of the parties that took part in the conflict. You have a unique chance to rewrite history to your liking.

The edition of Total War: Napoleon, which is currently relevant, has been significantly improved and finalized. There are more factions, new combat units have appeared, and more military operations and battles are available. Over time, the game received many additions, each of which is a separate adventure.

You will have a fun and interesting time in Total War: Napoleon, especially if you like strategy games.

Commanding huge troops will not be easy, it is best to outline a battle plan in advance and stick to it, acting as quickly as possible, but thinking through the next steps.

Don't forget to build fortifications around your cities to secure them and develop siege plans; capturing fortified positions is more difficult than it might seem.

Use the terrain and weather, this in some situations can change the outcome of the battle in your favor.

Before you start playing, you need to download and install Total War: Napoleon on your PC. The local campaign is available offline; an Internet connection during the game is only required for multiplayer mode.

Total War: Napoleon download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. If you want to buy the game, visit the Steam portal or go to the official website of the developers.

Start playing now to command armies during one of the most turbulent periods in European history!

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