Total War: Three Kingdoms

Alternative names: Total war three kingdoms, total war three kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms is one of the parts of a trilogy of strategic games popular all over the world. The game is available on PC. Total War: Three Kingdoms features beautiful, realistic-looking 3D graphics. The game is sounded professionally, the music selection is good. This is the first game in the Total War trilogy; it has deservedly won many awards. The plot will tell about the military confrontation that happened in ancient China. At that time, China was a turbulent place. Conflicts between rulers were common. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the cruel atmosphere of the Far East. The controls are convenient and intuitive, and the developers have provided the game with a small training mission and tips.

Various tasks will not let you get bored:

  • Send scouts to explore the world around
  • Find the necessary resources and set up production
  • Master new technologies, this will make it possible to expand your arsenal of weapons and more
  • Build new cities and expand them
  • Create a powerful army
  • Engage in diplomacy, so you will find true allies and together you can resist your enemies

This list contains the main activities in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

The game is very atmospheric. The developers managed to recreate the living conditions, architecture and types of troops that existed in ancient China. Here you will see 12 great military leaders. All of them are real people whose exploits are recorded in the chronicles. Choose one of them and join the fight to unite disparate territories. Become the new emperor to rule the entire country and stop internecine wars.

There are two genres in Total War: Three Kingdoms: real-time strategy and turn-based strategy. Units move around the map in a step-by-step mode, and battles take place in real time, thanks to which you can fully demonstrate your talent as a commander on the battlefield. Playing Total War: Three Kingdoms is interesting because each character here has his own motives, character and history, this creates the illusion that you are playing against real people. It is impossible to win without allies; find loyal friends with whose help it will be easier to achieve the goals of the game.

As with most other strategies, the first time you should focus on resources. Without this, it will be impossible to build a strong army. Next, dozens of battles await you, which will not be easy to win. Even if you are defeated in battle, this does not mean the end of the game, gather your strength and try to win again by changing your strategy and tactics. In order to play, you do not need the Internet, but to download game files, a network connection is required.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to download

Total War: Three Kingdoms for free on PC. You can purchase the game on the Steam portal or by visiting the developers' website. Keep an eye out for sales if you want to purchase the game at a discount. Start playing right now to conquer and unite ancient China into a single empire!

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