Total War Warhammer

Alternative names: Total War Warhammer

British studio Creative Assembly has proved a prolific developer, firing on the gaming market 8 Total War series, and 22. 04. 2015 announced the 9 th part. Use the right balance of power, to win and win a prize in the form of a hammer of Sigmar, or Gal- Maraza, as it is called.

Each race in the Total War Warhammer on the PC has the character, skills and mindset that makes it unique and determines the behavior on the battle arena.

Warhammer Total War promises to be the best project of the genre, and developers can be proud that at this early stage could be interested in public information players. Already we can note the moments of special inspiration:

  • Detalizirovannaya portrayal of the characters and lokatsiy
  • Velikolepnaya animatsiya
  • Effektnye batalii
  • Nalichie special assignments and bonusov
  • Ogromny world universe Warhammer
  • Boi underground, ground and with"Aviation"
  • Prisutstvie magic along with the usual oruzhiem
  • Chetyre bright rasy
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