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Townscaper is a very unique city builder. The graphics here are cute in a cartoon style. The soundtrack is unusual, with a calming effect.

There is no ultimate goal in the game. Your task is to build a beautiful city. This process is not as simple as it might seem.

In the game, you choose the color of the fragments, and then add them with the left mouse button, and remove them with the right mouse button. At the same time, artificial intelligence is building up the territory after you.

Playing Townscaper is not difficult, but you will need to find some patterns through trial and error on how to create one or another element.

At the same time, no one is rushing you anywhere. You gradually build up the space as you like.

The game changes the time of day. Your creation looks different depending on the lighting.

The city is inhabited. Lights come on in the windows of buildings at night. Flocks of seagulls fly on the embankments. Pigeons live in parks and gardens.

There are many architectural forms in the game. If you can figure out what's what, you will get almost limitless possibilities. The cities that you will build can belong to any historical era. It can be ancient settlements with narrow streets or modern megacities with tall skyscrapers.

Game will give you:

  • Good mood
  • Help to discover the talent of a designer
  • Ability to create a city that other players will admire

And possibly more.

Game process soothes and allows you to escape from the daily hustle and bustle at work. It is not necessary to constantly engage in construction. You can look at your creation and enjoy the sound of the waves and watch the flight of birds.

Nothing limits you, combine styles as you like, guided by your imagination. Artificial intelligence in the game will turn it all into a beautiful fairytale city. Only the developers know how many building options there are in this game. The most complex of them consist of a huge number of elements that need to be arranged in a certain way, and then the result may turn out to be the most unexpected.

You can always show your creation to other players. There cannot be two identical cities in the game for different people. Everyone will have their own individual.

If you don't want to spend many hours trying to figure out how to get certain buildings and architectural elements. You will find many ready-made solutions on the net and learn the basics with these instructions. This will help you quickly understand what and how works in the game world and, guided by this knowledge, discover many new things in the future.

In any case, playing you will get a lot of positive emotions, which means that time will not be spent in vain. Even if the first time you don’t succeed in creating everything as you intended, you will be satisfied with the pleasant time spent in the game.

Townscaper download for free on PC, it will not work, unfortunately. You can purchase the game on the Steam marketplace or on the official website of the developers, the price of the game is symbolic.

If you are tired of shooters, strategy battles, just want to take a break from everything and relax, start playing, this game is exactly what you need!

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