Township - Town and Farm

Alternative names: Township

Township - City and Farm game of your dreams.

Developer of mobile games, Playrix Games, approached the creation of his next project quite original. Township - The City and Farm in the title says that this is not a classic example of a farm, but a symbiosis. It is not just necessary to build and develop a farm, but to use it as a means to establish a city with all its features. Before you a mixture of strategy and simulator, and judging by the fact that Township - City and Farm download has already decided tens of thousands of players, it deserves attention. In addition, it is available for free, but if you want to speed up some processes, there is a payment for real money.

Main features of the game process.

    Also, players have the opportunity to download Township - City and Farm to the computer, and not to part with it even when you are out of the house.

  • Construction of buildings
  • Expand the territory
  • Improve buildings
  • Relay with other gamers and fulfill their orders
  • Explore mines and find rare artifacts
  • Open New Lands
  • Color your city with decorative elements and monuments

How to quickly make progress.

Any toy has its own characteristics, and at first even after training it is difficult to guess how best to start. But it is on how successful the beginning will be, further development depends. Not an exception and the game Township - City and Farm, where there is clearly a link between the village and the metropolis. First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that in the game, as in life, the happiness of the city depends on the success of the farms. That is why in the beginning, more attention should be given to the development of the town. Cultivate fields, harvest crops, build factories for the processing of raw materials in goods, breed animals and collect what they share with a person (milk, eggs, wool, e.).

Do not forget to build a warehouse where products will be sent. But he is not rubber, and soon there will be a shortage of space. Expansion will require resources, but they still need to be obtained. In the meantime, conduct an audit and see what kind of goods are too many, and send it to the market. In addition to the fact that you will free the platform for more necessary things inside the storage, you will profit from the sale of excess. Another wisdom that should be listened to by beginners sooner or later will still need to expand their city to accommodate all the buildings in it. The farther away you Township - City and Farm game, the more expensive will be the new land. In order not to spend extra money, take care of the additional territory in advance, until the land has not had time to jump in price.

Of local currency.

The main part of any game is the domestic currency. There are coins and bucks. Coins are easy to obtain, and for them all kinds of buildings, animals, seedlings, plots of land and so on are bought. Banks are more expensive currency, and it's much harder to earn, but it helps to sort out some events more quickly. For example, it takes at least an hour to build a building, but if you pay the dollar, it will be ready instantly.

Township offers such ways of earning:

  • Onday visiting the game, you will go mandatory financial accrual.
  • View advertising.
  • Changes bring balloons.
  • They can be found in chests in a mine or other locations.
  • Help to other players is also rewarded financially.
  • See cities of friends, and this will also bring profit.
  • For reaching in Google Play (requires an Internet connection).
  • The artifacts found in the mines can be offered for storage in a local museum, and get a corresponding fee for it.
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