Tragedy Protein

Alternative names: Tragedy Protein
It turns out that the problem is not only in humans. Who would have thought that a calm and measured the world in which to live alone proteins overtake terrible disaster. So might look to the application announcement Tragedy Protein online! Let's try to tell you in detail about this app! So, as you can guess from the name, the game it will be about proteins. This, of course, not charming adventure Scrat from Ice Age, but who said that the player can only cheer western rodent? Our proteins are not worse than they are, maybe a little less picturesque and amusing, but it fails them just as Scrat. Game Tragedy Protein - browser-based application, so you can play it without any "Preludes." Due to the fact that the project can play directly from the browser, users, and then pay attention to it. The fact that many large-scale client games repel potential fans too complex installation process - most players do not want to scour the torrent in search of the installation file, and then another and spend time installing. With the same browser-based applications is simple: here, for example, in the tragedy Protein online play can be anyone after adding an application to your page in a social network. Returning to the description of the project, we note that he has a fairly simple control system - direct the actions of the protagonists-protein may be using a few basic keys. The game's plot is based on the fact that the planet where the live-action characters, with incredible speed, almost like in Armageddon with Bruce Willis approaching meteor. All presented in Annex Tragedy Protein cards disappear from the face of the earth very soon, and this prospect does not attract protein-mongers. Wise shamans living among protein, found a way out: they offer rodents escape on a spaceship leaving the "squirrel galaxy." But there is one condition - each protein must take on board the stock nuts. In this, what will be your job! Play Tragedy Protein interesting, because you can find lots of interesting levels, which can pass only by demonstrating skill and ingenuity. In the course of the game, by the way, will not take part you alone, but you will pass the levels and all the other players, added to his application. Shaman is not to remove you from the job, you should be proactive and diligently to overcome obstacles, not the movement of the stopper. Besides, for completing levels gamers get coins in tragedy protein. Succeed in the game a lot easier working in a team, so gamers seventh level and above can be combined into clans to achieve a common goal. Participants can help one clan and insure each other. Most knit clans can take a leading place in the league table. And the best part is that play Tragedy protein free, hurry up, place in a very successful clan is waiting for you!
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