Three Kingdoms

Alternative names: 3 Kingdom

Three Kingdoms Online - is free multiplayer online role-playing game, which is the brainchild of studio IT Territory. Three Kingdoms Online game very similar to the very well-known and already love all gamers browser-based role-playing game Fight Club, but in addition to the similarities in our game there are some fundamental differences and a couple of innovations that are transforming the gameplay nicely.

Join in the game Three Kingdoms does not take much time and is very simple prodeduroy. You just need to enter the name of your game character, a password for access to the game and email address. At this address you will be sent an email notification that the registration completed the Three Kingdoms. The game itself is a browser, this is absolutely not demanding vashemmu "hardware". All you need - any computer with an Internet connection and a browser.

Events in the game revolves around the eternal struggle between the two great nations. The highlight of the game is that there is no make of usurpers and defenders, negative and positive characters. And these two races are fighting for the right to colonize the free unoccupied territory, which continually encroaching forces of their opponents. Three Kingdoms Online Game, based on the ideology adopted rejection of "black and white" cooperation here all players are equal and can make as smooth as noble deeds, and not very much.

Another interesting feature is that the game Three Kingdoms Online, originally conceived as a browser, can boast a lightweight game client, which is always available for download directly from the official website of the game. This is to ensure that in the event of any problems with your browser, you are always able to enter the game.

The battle system in the game is turn-based, as always. All that is in the arsenal of your character from the beginning - just a few bumps and a couple of spells, but with each increase your level of your magic book and will replenish the stock of knowledge will increase, and your character will learn more martial techniques. Actually, just the same with your wardrobe and arsenal. You start with little or no nothing, but in the game after spending a certain time, you got the sufficient amount of gaming equipment and solid arsenal. And all you need to do - to destroy a couple of bloodthirsty monsters. Play online game Three Kingdoms necessarily please everyone, as fight fans and connoisseurs interesting stories and mysterious stories.

In the Three Kingdoms game will be interesting to fans of quests just because the game is a real goldmine for anyone who loves to perform game tasks. Benefit of diversity and variation in the complexity is very high, so bored certainly do not have to. Actually, in addition to military action, you can always do something for the soul. In between the fierce bloody battles you can start collecting and processing resources zalevareniem or even forging weapons and ammunition. If you choose the profession of a goldsmith, you can safely rely on solid pribyi. In principle, there are more simple profession like fishing. Going beyond the city limits, you will need to always keep an ear to acute, because you certainly will wait merciless and terrible monsters, and agree that the fight against a serious enemy using bait or pick earner - not the best idea. Play Three Kingdoms will be much more interesting if you join your fellow comrades. The game has a very interesting mode - hunting. Thus, getting to a certain area on the map, you get to see all those present at her monsters and opponents to choose themselves capable. If you do not want to fight, then you can always posobirat variety of ingredients for your potions and potions.

So, if you are tired of the monotony of everyday life in the office, if you still burn inside craving travel and search for adventure, then this game will love you and allow you to feel the pleasure of gameplay. Sign up and prove that we deserve to wear the title of the best!

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