Tropical Merge

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Tropical Merge puzzle about merging objects with elements of a farm simulator. In the game you will find a paradise in the tropics with very bright and beautiful graphics in a cartoon style. All characters are well voiced and speak like real cartoon characters. The music is fun and carefree.

Here you will find a trip to a tropical island. If you think that you will not quickly get bored of idleness on the beaches, then the game will definitely suit you.

In it you will have many of the most incredible adventures and wonderful discoveries:

  • Combine items to get tools, valuable artifacts and simply beautiful souvenirs
  • Develop and manage the farm that the developers have entrusted to you
  • Build new buildings and decorate the area to your liking
  • Complete quests and learn new interesting stories

All this and some other pleasant chores that you will learn about when you play Tropical Merge are waiting for you here.

The island is full of magic, and during your expeditions you will definitely encounter its manifestations.

Meet the locals and help them save the town where they live.

Journey through an island that is much bigger than it first appears. Explore vast lands and make incredible discoveries. Get the resources you need to build and develop your farm.

Find enchanted animals and combine them to complete your menagerie collection. Pets of the most incredible species can become its inhabitants. All of them need to be fed and ensured that they have everything they need. Play with them and don't let them get bored for a long time.

Build your own kingdom in a magical tropical paradise.

Only you decide how it will look and what buildings and decorative elements will be located in it. You won't get all of them right away. Many of them will have to be collected in parts scattered in different parts of the island.

Thousands of different items lurk in the jungle. Find them all, study them and combine them with island magic to strengthen or create new elements.

Get prizes for logging in every day, and at the end of the week even more generous gifts await you if you don't miss a single day.

The game has a lot of fans all over the world, find new friends among them.

The in-game store often offers items and resources at promotional prices. You will be able to purchase everything that can be useful during the game for in-game currency or real money. Offers are updated regularly, do not forget to look there.

Seasonal holidays and events are the days when a lot of new and interesting things happen in the game. Special contests are waiting for you, and the generous prizes that you can get cannot be obtained at any other time.

Something new almost constantly appears in the game. The developers are trying to please you by adding areas for exploration, decorations, cheerful inhabitants of the menagerie and beautiful buildings.

Tropical Merge can be downloaded for free on Android by clicking on the link on the page.

Install the game, adventures await you in a world where the weather is always good!

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