Alternative names: Tropico
If you are in search of a class project-life simulator, the game Tropico will be for you a real gem. Here the best elements of many genres. Game Developers Take 2 Interactive did their offspring really quality and interesting, and the addition of a "recipe" elements of the strategy only gave him a special piquancy and charm. This masterpiece of art geymerskogo help you mentally, or if you want virtually travel back to the vastness of the Caribbean sun. It seems, this factor alone can be regarded as a serious bid for success, agree? Tropico pc tie even more pleasant and peaceful. Your character will act as an authoritative Latin American dictator. Its space obliges be extremely serious, but it does not mean that his life is no place for simple pleasures of the world. Your every morning starts with a visit to a personal servant who makes your awakening sunny and bright, running into the room light rays. Every day in the tropics and the bright sun. Does not rejoice in it is simply impossible, so must your ritual every morning became a cup of strong coffee in conjunction with this "tasty" cigar. Game Tropico Cuba demonstrates the fifties and sixties. Beautiful graphics helps as it is impossible to convey the most realistic atmosphere. Once you get into the project, you will become the proud owner of the land, densely planted forest on your land will live about five hundred people, well, and, of course, is not without money from the state treasury. "Chip" of the game is that you can play Tropico as want you. Want to - become a cruel tyrant and despot, holding his subjects in fear, however, as practice shows, most gamers will clean up the role of a good and spiritual rulers. Immediately warn that in the latter case, people's love you will not be guaranteed. Besides, in the beginning of the game you choose for your character a few negative traits, and believe me, most savvy people in your world certainly use them against you. This tactic will be effective for one hundred only when it will come from the heart. However, so you can be sure of yourself, it is best to play it safe and throw a few million to your own bank account. To gameplay started, we recommend that you download Tropico. Fast internet and favorite torrent trackers can do that quickly and easily. You need to play carefully and responsibly. Be careful, developing new projects and ideas. Preferably pre-study habits of the local population, their tastes and preferences, and try as much as possible to adapt their decisions for them. To learn as much useful information about the project recommends that you test it, well, for a start, it will be enough to see Tropico video trailer with all the benefits and features.
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