Tuscany Adventure

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Tuscany Adventure farm game for mobile devices. Here you will see beautiful bright graphics in a cartoon style. The music is fun and the characters are positive.

In this game you have to become an assistant to a girl named Olivia. Help her save her farm from the encroachments of the local count. Turn a rundown farm into a thriving business.

In order for everything to work out, you need to do a lot of things:

  • Explore the area around you step by step
  • Clear land for new fields and production buildings
  • Take care of animals and birds
  • Produce goods for sale
  • Meet all the neighbors around the farm
  • Complete tasks to earn money and experience

Playing Tuscany Adventure won't be too hard, but you shouldn't relax either.

The main task is to obtain materials for expanding the farm and building buildings. To do this, a new territory must be annexed. This consumes energy, like most games in this genre. Sometimes it can be replenished by finding a certain type of plant during the promotion. Otherwise, you will have to wait for replenishment of stocks.

While waiting, there will be an opportunity to take care of the fields, caring for animals and producing food.

You will be able to choose the style of buildings, decorate the territory with decorative elements of your choice. You yourself determine where to place the buildings, make the farm compact or, on the contrary, occupy a huge territory.

Chat with other players, invite your friends and play together online. Create alliances and ask other players to help you, help yourself. Complete joint tasks and participate in competitions.

It is desirable that there are only active players in the association, otherwise it will be difficult to get the most valuable prizes during the competition.

Use the built-in chat to communicate.

The game requires regular attention, because such a large farm cannot be left unattended for a long time. Log into the game every day and get daily and weekly login and activity rewards.

Seasonal holidays and the time of major sporting events are better not to miss. On such days, you will get the opportunity to get unique prizes by participating in themed events with interesting contests.

The developers actively support the game. Updates are released regularly with new decor items, fun competitions and other content.

The in-game store will allow you to develop your farm a little faster and buy the missing resources, energy or decor items. Some of the goods are available for in-game currency, some only for real money. It is not necessary to make purchases for money, but this way you can support the developers financially if you wish. The assortment is updated regularly, there are generous discounts for the holidays.

Tuscany Adventure free download for Android, you can follow the link on this page.

Join now to prevent the local count from offending the friendly Olivia!

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