Ukraine Defense Force Tactics

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Ukraine Defense Force Tactics tactical turn-based strategy. The game has simple graphics, but everything looks quite nice. The sound is good, shots sound realistic and loud. Your task in the game, leading a small army, is to defeat the superior enemy forces.

As many guessed by the name in the game we will talk about the last major military conflict in modern history. You must make every effort not to allow the vile and insidious enemy to capture your country. Protect from the destruction of the city with civilians.

Before you start playing Ukraine Defense Force Tactics, you must allocate points by strengthening the types of troops of your choice.

Next, you choose the most appropriate tactics.

There are three of them in total:

  • Combined
  • Artillery
  • Infantry

In the combined, your troops will be approximately equally composed of infantry and artillery units. If you select infantry, then the bulk of the troops will be infantry. By choosing artillery, your forces in the majority will consist of this type of troops.

In this game, you take turns with the enemy. Each unit has a certain number of action points that are spent on movement or attack. There is an active defense mode activated for action points. A unit in this mode will attack any enemy that is in the area of effect during its turn.

Destroying an enemy unit gives you useful resources, which should be collected as quickly as possible. This will make your warriors stronger and help repair damage.

Each mission that awaits you will have its own tasks. For example, destroy a certain number of enemy units. Sometimes it seems impossible to do this at all, but nothing is impossible. You just need to make every possible effort.

At regular intervals, air aid arrives by parachute. When you pick up this object, you can choose from three different special actions.

Units occupying key points receive bonuses to defense or attack.

In addition to help dropped by parachute sometimes from above, extremely unpleasant objects arrive. After certain periods of time, the enemy launches a missile attack. Before this happens, all cells that are bombarded are highlighted in red. It is better to withdraw your units to safe positions. This can be difficult to do when enemy troops are in close proximity and can use the situation to their advantage.

It may seem that the game is very difficult. But the difficulty here is enough to keep you interested and not make the passage a nightmare.

The game is addictive and you can spend quite a lot of time in it unnoticed.

Unfortunately, not the entire arsenal available to the APU at the moment is present. Some types of weapons could make the task much easier in the game, as they proved to be extremely useful on the real battlefield.

Ukraine Defense Force Tactics download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can purchase the game on the Steam platform or on the official website of the developers. The cost of the game is symbolic, and the developer will transfer all proceeds from sales to help Ukraine.

Start playing right now to protect Ukraine and the entire civilized world from the vile Z-horde invasion!

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