Unbridled: Horse Designer

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Unbridled: Horse Designer is a game where you will have the incredible opportunity to build your own horse farm. You can play on PC. 3D graphics, realistic and detailed. The game is sounded with high quality, the music is pleasant. Optimization is present.

The game offers many possibilities, but in order to understand everything you will first have to undergo training. It will take a little time, after going through several missions with hints you will quickly understand how to control the game.

After this, many tasks await you in Unbridled: Horse Designer:

  • Take care of the farm, sow the fields, harvest the harvest
  • Clean up the territory
  • Upgrade the stable so that it can accommodate more residents
  • Breed horses, create your own unique breed
  • Get new saddles for horses and rider clothes
  • Train your horses and learn new tricks, improve your riding skills
  • Participate and win equestrian competitions in several disciplines

Here are the main things that await you while playing Unbridled: Horse Designer on PC.

You decide what the farm will be like, arrange the buildings according to your tastes. Install decorations and garden furniture to make this place cozy. Although you will have to take care of the harvest, this is not the main task. Breed horses by crossing animals with different abilities and get stronger offspring.

In addition, you will be able to influence the color and other characteristics of the next generations of pets.

It is impossible to breed horses and not get involved in horse riding. Learn to control these smart animals perfectly. Prepare a place where you can practice various tricks and practice there regularly. If you wish, Unbridled: Horse Designer will give you a place to show off your acquired skills. Take part in competitions. Unlike most games about horses, in this case, in addition to regular horse racing, you can take part in eventing and compete in western riding.

Playing Unbridled: Horse Designer is very interesting because you can independently choose what to do. Become the best rider in three disciplines, receive awards and improve your skills, or pay maximum attention to breeding horses, creating new breeds with unique characteristics and appearance.

You don’t need the Internet to play the game, you will only need it at the beginning to download the installation files.

At the moment, the project is in the early access stage and not everything that the developers had in mind has been implemented, but by the time you are viewing this text, most likely, a release has already taken place and there are even more interesting tasks.

Unbridled: Horse Designer download for free on PC, unfortunately, it won’t work. You will have the opportunity to purchase the game using the link on this page, or by visiting the Steam portal. The price is not high, and quite often the game can be bought at a huge discount, check if today is such a day.

Start playing right now to have a fun time raising horses and participating in competitions!

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