Unsung Heroes

Alternative names: Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes online - free multiplayer role-playing game in fantasy style with unique graphics.

Unsung Heroes Online game makes the following minimum system requirements for the computer player

1. Connecting to the Internet.

2. JavaScript capable browser technology Flash.

3. The presence of the current version of Flash Player.

4. Display resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels or higher.

Game developers do not recommend playing this game in the Internet Explorer, Opera.

Register Unsung Heroes in the game is very fast - you only need to enter your email address and and accept the user agreement. Further guidance on the Unsung Heroes Online registration will be sent to the address of the electronic mailbox. Register Unsung Heroes is not necessary if you have your own page in social networks such as Vkontakte and Facebook - you can log into the game using your account.

Unsung Heroes online game has unique graphics, reminiscent of comics. However, this does not exclude the fact that the world artanga very high quality designed and has a wide variety of locations - from the town of Free-Port, to the caves and dungeons.

When you start to play the game online Unsung Heroes, your character can belong to one of four classes:

• Warrior

• cleric

• Ranger

• magician

However, only depends on you, what skills you will develop your character. Unsung Heroes online game has a special feature - a set of cards, which you will enjoy. It depends on them your gear, weapons, character class. If you do not like something, you can always buy or win the battle a new card and begin to act quite differently.

The battle system is a turn-based game. You can fight both on stage and performing various tasks. Moreover, the most dangerous and cunning monsters can coordinate their actions and can attack you the whole group. Battlefields are different and have different characteristics, for example, obstacles, in terms of force, which give character to the energy point of input - output. You can walk, fly, jump, attack and use their skills.

When you play the game online Unsung Heroes, then you will wait for a variety of tasks that you will give

• Circle of Power

• Steel Legion

These two organizations are unaware mages and warriors respectively. You do not immediately give the job to the trophy that will be some unique thing. First you'll need to earn a certain reputation. If you are doing a job for a circle of power, that your reputation will suffer the Steel Legion and vice versa.

Your character will have special glasses glory, which will depend on the ratio of people in the world. By the title character, you can also get more and epithets, such as the Great Fair, Zhetvoprinosyaschy or Bezisvesny, Humble. From the title character depend well as its opportunities - to join the clan, participate in combat in the arena.

When you're in the Unsung Heroes play, then run into the economic system. First, all the resources in the game are exhaustive, and players must resume them. Second, the markets you will encounter various options pricing, dumping, and other deficits. Third, you can create unique weapons and sell them.

You can create a trade route between the cities of the world, as trade with clans use economic expansion and attack other cities.

Play Unsung Heroes exciting because it only depends on your actions and attitude to your other characters, you can develop, but are not limited to only one branch of development, as well as just enjoy the game.

System of character development in the game - bezurovnevaya, also in the game there is no conflict of races and parties, and only depends on you, with whom you fight.

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