Urban Rivals

Alternative names: Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals online - is a free online browser game, which brings together players from all over the world. Online game Urban Rivals belongs to the category of card games, and it is made in the style of comics, where all the events unfolding in the game big city Clint City, which is continuously maintained enemy clan fighting between factions for control of the entire city. Play the game Urban Rivals online can in any browser (Internet Explorer 6 is not recommended! ) And install the game client - no need! Sign up and start the game ...

Register Urban Rivals: If you have an account on Facebook, you can log into the game by using this account instead of registering on the site. If you do not have it, then press the button "Register and play" in the window that opens, you can choose the style of your first combat decks: Brute force (do not let the opponent no chance), Slow Death (print opponent of himself with his bag of tricks ) Supervision (keep the situation under control and act on defense). Next, select the country, enter in the appropriate fields e-mail, username, password, and the specified code. If you wish to receive news from Urban Rivals, put a tick "Yes" or "No". Then accept the agreement with the Rules of the game and press the button "Register and play." At this, Join the game Urban Rivals is finished, you are ready to play!

In this bright and colorful game, you will meet with young people and undermined informal with a variety of aggressive mutants, with the valiant police and violent mobsters, as well as many other equally colorful characters ...

At the beginning of the game you get your first job - Mission, different types and levels of difficulty. For carrying out missions you earn points and prizes ...

Starting the game, you are given eight cards with certain characters who belong to different clans. Simultaneously participate in the card battle can only four cards. Each card has its own special characteristics: Strength and Damage (main), Ability and Rewards (minor).

At the beginning of the battle, each player chooses one by one from his deck one card and throws it into battle. Keep in mind that a player who will choose your card for the second fight, has the advantage that it already will see a map of your opponent and be able to throw into battle stronger card. To successfully combat in Urban Rivals online game, each participant must correctly pick a team, having the form of a deck of cards-characters. Urban Rivals online game provides the opportunity to purchase the so-called collectible card-characters (their number about 50). With the help of these cards, it will be easier to win fights, but to get these characters will not be easy, so you will need to string up. In Urban Rivals involved more than 600 different characters, which have their own character and skills that you can develop and acquire new ones.

All game characters are united in clans, which at this point in the game - 22 (a detailed history of these clans can be found in comic books, which are available on the site).

Play online game Urban Rivals can be in multiple game modes. For example, such as: Daily tournaments, ELO, Survivor, Deathmatch. ...

At the initial stage, you'll fight with players your level (ie, not complex). Then, as the game progresses, you will gradually move to more difficult levels (where you have to carefully select a tactic to fight). Extreme levels will be available having reached the high bar in the game (there are already more stringent rules).

For conducting battles in Urban Rivals, you get play money (Clintz) and experience. Earned money can be spent on the purchase of new characters. In the VIP-shop "Boutique", you can buy elite-card characters, but for real money.

In Urban Rivals play, you can intensifying fighting ability of their cards through special tablets - Pillz (such tablet enhances the combat capability of the character card 2 times). At the beginning of the battle, you get 12 Pillz (which you can distribute at will between his fighters 4) and 12 lives. The main objective in the battle - take as many lives from the enemy. Who lives there will be more, is the winner!

Play Urban Rivals can be part of an existing guild or create your own ...

In general, the game is very fun, you can describe her long, it is better to play at least once. So, Urban Rivals check waiting for you!

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