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Valheim is definitely a noteworthy game. It's an RPG, but it's also one of the best open world survival sims out there. Nice graphics in a classic style and very good audio accompaniment awaits players in this game. In addition, the game is cooperative, you can play it both on your own and with friends. Co-op mode can join up to 10 players.

Before playing Valheim you get acquainted with the Scandinavian epic. You will be told that after the battle, the supreme god Odin sent violent prisoners to the tenth world called Valheim. After that, he cut off the branches of Yggdrasil connecting this world with other worlds. But after a while, Odin found out that the captives had survived and were plotting evil against the rest of the worlds. Then Odin sent the souls of warriors from Mitgard to Valheim to thwart these plans.

In the course of the game, you will be just such a warrior. A giant raven will take you to the very center and from there you have to start your journey through the lands of Valheim.

There are not so few lands in this game, you can't pass it in a few hours.

You will visit:

  • Meadows
  • Black Forest
  • Marshes
  • Mountains
  • Plains

And this is only part of the list. But first things first, find materials for weapons and tools.

To go to the next location, you need to find and defeat the boss of the current one. Sometimes it's hard to beat, but sometimes it's just hard to find. Having defeated the boss, we get his trophy and hang it on a hook in the settlement.

When passing, you not only collect resources to create weapons and armor for yourself, but also equip your settlement. You are not limited in this, you can temporarily forget about the story campaign and start building, recreating, for example, a town from another game. It's kind of like Minecraft. It is interesting to build, the laws of physics are even taken into account during construction. It is necessary to correctly calculate the weight of the building and the necessary power of the supports, otherwise everything will collapse. It is worth being careful when extracting resources, you can easily even be nailed down with a tree.

Construction, the creation of a settlement is not limited. Plant a garden, plant a garden. Raise bees, or even get a dog and a cat.

This whole household needs protection, it is necessary to enclose everything with walls in a timely manner, otherwise the troll that wandered into the light will definitely not please you and other inhabitants of the village.

You will need materials to build. You will be able to use boats to deliver everything you need. At the beginning of the game it will be a simple raft, but over time it will be possible to build a longship. But everything is not so simple, this is not a motor boat and you will have to learn how to use a sail, taking into account the fact that the wind is not always fair.

Food plays an unusual role in the game. You are not in danger of dying, but foods give you some buffs, and different types of foods have different effects.

The combat system is also not deprived of the attention of developers, everything is very realistic. Various enemies can have a weakness to certain types of weapons, this is best taken into account especially in boss battles.

Valheim download for free on PC, it will not work, unfortunately. But you can purchase this game on the Steam playground or on the official website.

Start playing right now and make sure that this is one of the best games of this genre!

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