Alternative names: Veneciancy

Venetians online - a new product known for its online games company BigPoint. Developers of the studio trying to produce games as broadly encompassing different genres and categories of games to ensure all fans of online games developed draft quality.

Among the games there BigPoint as strategic, military, and dynamic and adventure, and online game Venetians - Mediterranean merchants is purely economic strategy, which necessarily will appeal to all lovers of leisurely and thoughtful economic games.

Register Venetians in the game - a necessary step in order to start building their own trading empire. As in other games from BigPoint, Venetians in the project registration is made as simple and fast. To begin playing the game Venetians online you have two options - either to complete a special form to indicate it as their nickname, password, contact e-mail address and day of your birth, or else logged in with an account in a social on Facebook. Given that today almost everyone having access to the Internet, registered in Facebook, the second option would be very convenient for the majority wanting to play the game online Venetians. If you decide to create an old-fashioned, it is interesting to know that the game asks your birthday in order to encourage the player name day, giving special bonuses and opportunities for games from BigPoint is constant practice. Register Venetians in any case will not take much of your time, and you can proceed directly to the game - online game Venetians fully browser based and to start building their economic careers do not need to download and install any clients.

Venetians online game has a vast game world with lots of locations and opportunities for development. At the very beginning, and you lift off in a small port town, the player simply dazzled by the amount of all kinds of buildings that can be visited, and a variety of gaming resources available tasks. We should also mention a great graphic design games - Venetians online has carefully and with attention to detail well developed game locations, which are neatly painted in every building and every icon. Such an attitude toward visual design really puts the player in times of medieval Venice.

What do you have to engage in such a beautiful and full of opportunities world? Once the game economically, respectively, and assignments will be relevant - to build a certain building, you need your city at this stage, to bring from one port to another specific product, to protect the city from attack by robbers or win foreign settlement. All tasks are accompanied by thematic scenes - you do not just have to carry an object from point A to point B, and, for example, deliver the crate expensive wine measure a neighboring town to ensure his favor and get the opportunity to trade.

Special mention deserves the developed system weddings, with which you can create a whole own dynasty, which may well surpass the wealth and influence of even the royal family. As you can see, play Venetians interesting and exciting, such a project can not remain indifferent to his fans all economic policies, especially since the Venetians can play absolutely free of charge.

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