Village and Farm

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Village and Farm a fun farm for mobile platforms. In the game you will see bright graphics in a cartoon style. The music is chosen so that even on a cloudy, rainy day to cheer up.

Here you will find a lot of pleasant chores around the house:

  • Renovate and expand the house and barn
  • Build workshops and factories
  • Start and care for animals and birds
  • Sow the fields and harvest in time
  • Trade manufactured products
  • Complete special tasks and earn experience
  • Meet the Farm Neighbors

This is a short and incomplete list of cases. Start playing Village and Farm and find out for yourself how many different tasks and even more entertainment there are.

For starters, to understand the controls, it would be best to go through a little training that the developers took care of.

Everything is not limited to the activities of the farm itself. You will have the opportunity to visit the nearest town and even open shops there. The pond in the vicinity is worth a visit to fish or set traps for crayfish.

Arrange buildings on the farm however you like. For decoration, you can purchase decor items. Choose a fence and plant the area with exotic fruit trees and flowers. Breed bees to get wax and honey.

Get yourself a pet or several at once. Take care of your pets and don't forget to play with them.

Over time, production chains will become long, which means more storage space will be needed. Expand your barn and build a silo to store your supplies. It will not be easy, building materials are difficult to obtain and a lot of them will be required.

You will be able to trade manufactured products in the game market, buyers are real people. Find out what is in the greatest demand and set up production.

Invite friends to play or meet new ones. Create communities and participate in competitions together. If necessary, you can always ask for help from allies or help them. For communication, a convenient chat is provided here.

Join the game every day and get daily and weekly activity prizes. Complete daily tasks to earn even more gifts.

On holidays and during major sporting events, you will find many thematic contests with prizes that you won’t get at other times. Gather entire collections of such items.

Updates are often released bringing more decorations to the game and new, even more interesting tasks and competitions.

The in-game shop will allow you to buy building materials and other resources for in-game currency or real money. The assortment is updated every day and often the necessary goods can be purchased at a discount. But even without this, you will achieve success, it will just take a little more time.

You can download

Village and Farm for free on Android by clicking on the link on this page.

Start playing now to start building your dream farm!

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