Alternative names: Virtonomica

Virtonomics Online - a unique free browser multiplayer online game format, the implementation of which has no analogues on the Internet. By and large, online game Virtonomics - a large-scale economic simulator. Within this online game communicate and interact with each other millions of members from around the world.

Join in the game Virtonomics does not take long and is the only necessary requirement in order to start playing the game Virtonomics online. To register, you will need to decide on a virtual country in which you play and enter your email address. Actually, after you come to e-mail notification that the registration Virtonomics is complete, you can safely start the game. By choosing a country must be treated very carefully, because it will become your virtual home to the gaming world.

Virtonomics online game, it is not pretentious to geographical location or age and social factors igrakov and play it can be anyone who loves not only exciting, but it makes the game move Bashers, hope.

By and large, the game client - is the site around which revolves the whole gameplay. It all natives live and virtual world Virtonomics. The game simulates qualitatively certain economic processes and operations that occur in everyday life in most major companies, and sometimes even in the state apparatus. Gameplay is conditionally divided into several sectors of activity: trade, industry, banking, science and the stock market. In addition to these industries, the game is available a few others, in which you'll find yourself starting to play Virtonomics.

Virtonomics online game is constructed so that your command are certain facilities: shops, equity funds, company or firm, somehow participates in business processes. At your discretion, you can hire workers in your company, determine their salaries and ensure that, as far as productively and efficiently they operate, manage supplies of necessary raw materials for your business is always to produce a profit. At your disposal is also the ability to control external financial policy. You can personally determine the prices of products released. Virtonomics play which almost never tire has proven itself as an excellent economic simulator and a good theoretical and practical base for those who always dreamed to do your own business, but too cherishes his money to risk them starting to study business management. Visibly pleased with the possibility of selling the enterprise to other players.

It just so happened that in the world of business from the competition does not go anywhere. Confrontation in this field occurs methods of control of the commodity market, the goods-sold and securities. Of course, the developers are not spared side and a variety of transactions, agreements and alliances are a great tool for developing your business sobstvennogoo. What's really nothing to say, the emphasis on the social component of the game was not made in vain, and it paid off.

Playtime in Virtonomics recalculated every night and one normal day time to fly the whole game week. Consequently, every week in the markets change those or other financial indicators, prices jump, stock quotes invariably go up or fall down dramatically, warehouses filled with new resources and your business brings you deserved income. Two words, life boils. Every time after this change you can influence certain parameters of your business, which subsequently impact on performance that are calculated at the end of the next game of the week.

In principle, the no-brainer that money - the main currency and the primary resource in the game. They can spend on the development of existing businesses, new construction, production supplies and much more.

In summary, I must say that playing online game Virtonomics worth everyone who sees an alternative office slavery and soul dreams of his own case. Register and nurture a real world-famous company! The dizzying world of business and a lot of money is waiting for you!

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