Lord of the Galaxy

Alternative names: Lord of the Galaxy

Lord of the Galaxy online - multiplayer online strategy game for free. But the snag all that strategy is not simple, but not much - strategic. Starting to play the game Lord of the Galaxy online you automatically assigns the owner of the entire planet, which will be the venue for your mighty empire, cultivate and developed by you on the path to world domination. Join in the game Lord of the Galaxy is very simple. All that is required of you in order to immediately start playing online game Lord of the Galaxy - enter the account name, the address of your e-mail account and password. Actually, a little simple steps and registration of The Lord of the Galaxy is completed. Immediately catches the eye a little leisurely work email service, but because the letter confirming the account activation reach immediately. But do not lose hope, you are sure of their wait.

Online game The Lord of the Galaxy is implemented so that every player who runs his own planet, making every possible effort to ensure that it is his homeland has become the most influential and can be within the galaxy and beyond.

At the beginning you have in stocks is five units on crystal and metal. All this - the resources needed to build different mines. Level of your mining structures you have to develop and continuously monitor their quality work, because as with the improvement of their condition in your warehouses is growing significantly produced surprising number of resources. Control production, developers should thank rests on the shoulders of your automated assistants, so that even if you are offline, your mines continue to work and make the necessary raw materials in your piggy bank.

But do not relax, because right next to you is developing a massive amount of perspective and great empires, and your neighbors from time to time you do not stop pripodnosit unpleasant surprises in the form of predatory raids, wars, and other unpleasant things. Lord of the Galaxy online game in which you need to keep at the ready hatchet.

Solar power - is one of the main base buildings from it depends on how your energy will be provided upstream of the mine. Actually, the control of energy delivered through a special indicator that turns red if necessary to build several more plants. If the requested exceeds electricity generated, then you will definitely see it on the index. Control of energy - an important part of the game, because it affects how quickly and accurately you can develop.

Protection empire from capturing enemy troops carried out through a set of fleet units for which it is possible to build a shipyard. Typing the desired kollichestvo spaceships you can not only fend off the enemy, but also to visit him with a view to profit by its resources and make a small sabbotazh.

Laboratory, available in the game, in the construction gives us the scientific component of the development of your empire, after its construction at your disposal will be investigated dozens of technologies that not once will help you both in peacetime and in wartime.

Calculation of the game takes place through dark matter - similar money. With its help, you can buy elite fighters, opening opportunities you explore new technologies or tactical maneuvers. Bonus received by you or an upgrade depends on the cost of hiring an elite unit - Officer and its specialization. Just for dark matter can buy various clan bonuses or send it to your friends. Lord of the Galaxy in the way to play with friends will be much more interesting than solo.

Above clan component developers pokorpeli seriously enough. Actually, as in many other games, you can organize your alliance or become Fortunately existing. Proof excellent study of the social component of the game are constant updates on the forum section of the clan game where players from time to time declare war on each other and vendettas.

Play Lord of the Galaxy is recommended to all who torment sidedness different games in the fantasy genre. If you want to try yourself in the role of the great emperor, which falls at the feet of the entire planet - this game is for you. Sign up and prove to everyone that only you - the real Lord of the Galaxy.

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