Tribal war

Alternative names: Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars: War tribes online - is a browser game that takes you into the Middle Ages. Play Tribal Wars is possible even on your office computer, since the minimum computer requirements needed to run the game: the operating system Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista / Seven Processor Intel Pentium III 800 MHz RAM 256 Mb and 64 videlkarta MB.

Join in the game Tribal Wars: War tribes does not require any additional program jumps and very simple. Join Tribal Wars: War tribes asks for a nickname - the specific name of the game, password and email address. You can register at any of the 18 game worlds, however, examining the features of Tribal Wars: War tribes online registration recommend experienced players to join in the popular world only if you want to thoroughly examine the features of the game. Catch up with the neighbors in the development of you still do not succeed, and the small village will not attract already under construction empire. Later you can play in a new world out there and become a sovereign ruler. Account in any one of the worlds is valid in all other worlds, but in each world you can not have more than one account.

Online game Tribal Wars: The war begins with the tribes, it gives you a tiny village, which must first be somehow beautifully called (the name can be changed in the town hall) and develop. To do this you need resources

- Produced at the sawmill wood,

- Clay Pit gives clay

- Mine - metal.

The higher the building, the more resources it produces. Therefore, in the early days you will need to mine resources. To greedy neighbors could not take the fruit of your labors, resources can be hidden in a cache capacity which depends on his level. Also around the village you can build an impregnable wall.

Once allow game Tribal Wars: War tribes online, you need to immediately produce troops. And then you can start to rob small or abandoned villages, thus increasing the supply of resources and accelerating its development. If you can not yet neither rob nor defend, and your neighbor is clearly preparing to go to war, you can try to write him a diplomatic letter. Once you're a little stronger, you can begin to look for like-minded allies, with whom you will develop your tribe to defend and attack.

Tribal Wars: Tribal Wars online game enables beautiful graphical overview of his village, and the owners of the premium account, apart from the usual media can receive more and more, for example, the time during which filled the warehouse.

When you play the game Tribal Wars: War tribes online, then you will be able to choose from 13 types of units, each unit has its own purpose. For example, a scout can explore what is happening at the neighbor and how much of its resources, and with the help of the nobles can capture other villages entirely, connecting them to their possessions. All other soldiers also have their special skills that should be well studied before starting to fight.

Play online game Tribal Wars: Tribal Wars - is an opportunity to become the leader of his tribe, or just an elder who has the right to accept new members into the tribe, as well as writing letters to players of his tribe and conduct diplomatic relations with neighbors . To play the online game Tribal Wars: War tribes, we must not forget that this is a team game, so pick up a tribe to taste extremely important. If you will not take you or any one tribe or like, you can create your tribe. Successfully play Tribal Wars: War tribes can be actively engaged in trade - make trade deals neighbors and put on the market their surplus resources. This feature also allows you to send resource assistance to a friend or to allocate resources to their villages.

In Tribal Wars: War tribes play - a unique chance of Mr small village to become ruler of the world!

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