War of Empires

Alternative names: War of Empires

War of Empires online - is a free online browser game, which has already gained a lot of fans. War of Empires Online game has great graphics and interesting plot. This game offers you to build your own empire, spending their civilization through a lot of wars for world domination! War of Empires online game available on any browser and does not require installation of the game client.

To enter the game requires registration War Empires: choose on the main page game server (Gladiator, Liu Bay, Megion Ankela, and soon will open another - Vallat), then clicking on the "Register" button, In the opened window type in your e-mail, then enter your password and press "Play." Before you open a new page where you have to choose the race of Rome, China, Persia and Egypt. After selecting a race, the next page, you choose your own picture, gender, the hero's name and the name of the city, and location on the world map for your city. Click "Login to the game" and that's Register in the game War of Empires ends.

Every hero has Skills are special abilities that are used in combat. Vsego16 Ability and can be divided into four main groups: Power (it increases the attack speed and damage), Leadership (it increases the number of troops), Agility (it has an impact on the protection and life) and mind (it increases strength and damage). All of these abilities can be pumped using the passing game levels, clothing and various elixirs.

Things that you will need for the game you can get for the mission, for the victory in Den and medals obtained at the Arena. In the game there are resources such as Ore and Gems, by which you can improve your things.

Game War of Empires online game has three main locations: Your city, game world and the District. Each location has its own characteristics ...

Game War of Empires razvinut help or improve strategic thinking, which is useful in real life.

Will you play the game War of Empires Online in your city, where you will perform a series of mandatory training missions to help you quickly be able to understand all aspects of the game. During training, it is recommended to follow the prompts. In the future, completing the missions you can acquire the necessary resources or some bonuses.

All quests in the game are divided into basic, and Daily Development. When choosing a job, you will be guided by its content, since each mission has its own description, goal, guidance on the implementation and, of course, the reward!

Play online game War of Empires you have guided not only by economic indicators, but also religion, and military power, as they also affect further development.

The game has five eras that you can change the course of the game. This: Wild era dark ages Feudalism, Medieval and Empire.

Wild era - era begins with this game which you can build your first buildings;

Shadow era - in this era, you can build a market, Sanctuary, Temples, Shooting, Defence Staff, gate and fence, and even hiring archers

Feudalism - in this era, you can build a town hall, a stable, fair, and also hire horsemen

Middle Ages - in this era, you can build a school heroes, Arsenal, hire a ballista and trebuchets (these are war machines)

Empire - in this era, you can build a fortress, as well as hiring special troops.

Advances in each new era is more difficult than the previous one.

Play War of Empires is possible using auction, which enables you to buy and sell a variety of artifacts, skills and all other players.

In the War of Empires can play, fighting in PvP-battles with other players. Here are a few options for battle: Attack (you can do the seizure of foreign camps), Robbery (you can make the theft of resources and gold from other players) and Intercept (here you can catch the heroes of other players on the world map). In addition to these PvP-battles, you can still fight with the monsters.

The game has more Chat, Mail, Forum, and Lottery. And this is not the limit. ... If you want to learn more about the game War of Empires registration will open before you the curtain all the possibilities of this game!

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