Warriors and Mages

Alternative names: Warriors and Mages

Warriors and Mages Online - browser based online role-playing game, free of charge, which thematically can be attributed to the very popular nowadays fantasy genre. Online game Warriors and Mages is shareware, which means that for non-game money you can buy so-called premium account, which provides certain bonuses. The creators of this game project is proud to call their product one of the fastest growing gaming community, which is constantly updated and is filled with a variety of bonuses and goodies for both experienced and have weathered the battles players and novices alike, only to begin development of the game world. Precisely because of this Warriors and Mages online game which have the liking of everyone who did decide to try yourself in the game world filled with a variety of amazing mysteries and riddles.

Join in the game Warriors and Mages - the process is not time-consuming. All you need to do to start playing the game Warriors and Mages online - enter account name, your email address and password. Actually, this registration Warriors and Mages will be completed and you can start playing the game online Warriors and Mages. First though, to your e-mail should come notification that your account is activated.

Game Warriors and Mages online implemented so that your shoulders rests the control of an individual game character, improvement and development of which will depend on you. By and large, your goal in the game - the development of certain skills of your character, participate in tournaments, fierce battles, and even a political or diplomatic work.

After each fierce battle you will need to put in order their health. It can be done will be in the hospital. A repair weapons or equipment necessary most. The battle system in the game, as has become customary in many similar games - step by step. You go first, and then your opponent. Fight you have the opportunity as normal players, and with NPC - monsters. Basically, each character is given a personal capabilities and characteristics are already familiar and entirely new: manna, health, charisma, faith, magic, fatigue, magic resistance, and body concentration. Of what at the moment, your character level directly depends on how free you will feel in the game. Experience through which your character will evolve, you can earn in campaigns and battles. Each level increase brings to you a certain amount of points piggy development.

Beginners start play at the zero level and in five it opened the possibility of studying magic spells, ten open access to treatment and recuperation in the battle to pyatnidtsatomu level it becomes available Arcane blood. Well twentieth same level is a transition in training all the mysteries of the deities.

It should be noted that similar systems have already gained their trust and proven advantage over many other formats in most modern online games. The economic component of the game as well implemented at the appropriate level, which is not true of many of her fellow Igroprom.

Game currency in the game need to purchase various goods, such as equipment, weapons and other supplies. Tentatively it can be divided into three types: gold, silver and copper. The coin is a measure of the value of certain goods that you purchase at the store. Actually, pleasantly pleased that winning in fierce battles as a prize you get not only a variety of weapons and equipment, but also financially rewarding. Its size is determined by how much damage you have caused in the amount of your opponent during a fight.

Many have weathered a variety of online worlds gamers say they started playing in the Warriors and Mages, after a while you start to get used to and really firmly believe that somewhere in a parallel universe there is a magical world, albeit limited outside monitor, but still huge, mysterious and fascinating. And if you are not alien to the spirit of adventure, but at heart you are still the same incurable romantic knight, then this game is for you.

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