Time empires

Alternative names: Timeage

Time of Empires Online - a free multiplayer online browser-based game, made in the genre of a global strategy. Many familiar with this masterpiece of gaming industry as "Civilization", and so online game Time of Empires Online is a distant relative of online. The whole story revolves around the constant confrontation of opposing cities and states, united in clans, starting with the ancient period and leaving in its development in the distant future.

Date Time Game Empires simple and understandable to everyone and take you quite a bit of time. All you need to do - to enter a game name to enter the game, the password for security entry and your email address, which after a while you get a notice that registratsiyaVremya empires is over.
Time of Empires online game is not pretentious to technical information about your computer, because in order to enjoy the gameplay, you will need is any computer that supports the ability to access the internet and installed it does.

Starting to play the game online Time Empires, you acted as a wise ruler, are in possession of several towns. Your responsibilities include the full range of management issues your lands: from the construction of various buildings and research, to the declaration of war, peace, saving the nation from various epidemics, such as plague or pestilence. The game is turn-based, and your character has a certain amount of action points in the day that he can spend. At each building, research or anything else spent a certain amount of time.

Of course, choosing the aggressive development path, you can immediately go to war with any neighboring tribe rather weak, but experienced players recommend starting to play the game online Time Empires before vsegodumat on strengthening the power of their own settlements.
Basically, most of the buildings bring you some income in the form of certain resources, such as Academy accumulate "knowledge", using which you can explore new technologies. Just as in most global strategies with the chronological component present in the game division for technological era. Just do not forget to the welfare of their wards, for example, food is spent on maintaining the viability of the townspeople and troops for gold can acquire buildings and access to special abilities. Just as in "Civilization", the game has a general level of well-being of your land. If it is low, the fear that your subjects will emigrate to neighboring land.

Continuing to play in the empire by spending a little time on the development of the state, can be safely taken for bringing the matter to the political and military system of your country. Here you can employ a variety of characters that have a specific mission and unique for each epoch.

Gameplay is very dynamic and initially control all the surrounding land and its own state can seem quite daunting undertaking. But over time this turmoil becomes very easy to get used to and then we will not escape your attention, no, let even the smallest change.

It should be careful when control of their land, because if, for example, the garrison town is filled to capacity, the construction of military units in it immediately stops. Pleasantly pleased at the opportunity to play diplomatic negotiations. However, there is one feature: can only negotiate with those countries in which you have your ambassador, and the completion of most of these agreements, your ambassador disappears.

Perfectly implemented in game clan system, allowing each player to experience all the benefits of playing and enjoying the gameplay along with his comrades. But there is, at first glance, an obvious feature, but is not quite clear for games of this genre: to unite the clan players can only under the condition that their lands are in the immediate neighborhood. This means that if you decide to change the clan, you will need to move to another place in order not to make myself problems with neighbors.

Game Time Empires game in which you will be not only fun, but also interesting, expect new characters, and if you are one of them - please register and prove that you are worthy to become a real hero, able to repeat the fate of Alexander the Great.

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