The Walking Dead: The Road to Survival

Alternative names: The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

The Walking Dead: The Road to Survival - One is not a warrior in the field, especially in the post-apocalypse

Game The Walking Dead: The Road to Survival - a role-playing game from the studio Scopely, created based on the eponymous series. Here you will meet characters you have long loved and take a direct part in your favorite movie scenes. You will have to assemble an ideal group of survivors and go sorties with them, engage in the development of the city and the community, protect it.

Start of the game, first entry

At the first entrance, you enter the battle along with Rick and Maggie. You were surrounded by two walking men, to attack, select first whom and then click on who will attack. When dealing or taking damage, the character's adrenaline rush bar is filled. When the bar is full, you can use a powerful attack. Different fighters have their own unique tides, which are their defining feature.

The second battle will already be against the Savior, it will be more difficult to deal with them than with zombies. In this battle you will learn about the classes of heroes:

  • strong
  • quick
  • vigilant
  • living

A vigilant has an advantage against a strong, a strong versus a fast, a fast versus a tenacious, a tenacious versus an alert. Arrows are displayed next to characters dealing additional damage to the selected enemy. Please note that the strong and fast are melee characters, but the vigilant and enduring ones are ranged characters.

Your second battle is won. But do not relax, you are surrounded by the next group of Savior, led by Nigan. And like in the series, Rick loses a lot of good friends. Right after that, the game The Walking Dead: The Road to Survival takes us two years ago when a group of survivors arrived at the gates of the town of Woodbury. You are accepted into the community, but asked in return for help and support in the development of the town. Now you have to fight for this city and its inhabitants. To do everything for its development and protection. Your first task will be a trip to Home March. But first you need to call on a new survivor to complete your team. Please note that a team can have up to 5 fighters, which you and the sixth special character will choose. You do not influence his choice, he will join you in certain missions and add bonuses to the whole team.

The battle is divided into waves, in total there can be up to three. In each of the waves you have to kill walking or living opponents. Combine the classes of your fighters with the classes of opponents to inflict high damage. The filling of the tide scale is preserved from wave to wave. If you did not spend it in the first stages, you can use it in a more suitable situation.

City management

You can build and improve structures that will help you survive in the struggle with walkers and other people. At production points, raw materials are used to build and improve the city. Improve them to increase productivity. Raw materials need to be stored in a raw materials warehouse, increasing its level you increase its capacity. Raw materials, in turn, are used to build houses where survivors live. The main building is the town hall, all the activity of the city is concentrated here. The higher the level of the town hall, the more you will be able to build buildings and the higher your health will be in the faction wars. An important workshop is where things and equipment are created and improved. The training ground will increase the level of survivors and improve them. With each new level, Town Halls will open up new unique buildings.

Download The Walking Dead: The road to survival on the computer, you can use the emulator android Bluestacks. It will allow you to run any android games or programs on your computer. To do this, first download and install it, and only then install the game itself.

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