War Machines

Alternative names: Var Carsine

Game War Machines are your favorite tanks.

Games on tanks filled the virtual space, and such an abundance can be perceived in different ways. On the one hand, it gives a choice, but on the other it's much harder to find that cherished toy, which meets all the requirements of a seasoned tankman. The company Fun Games For Free offers its own version of the battles in the form of a game project War Machines.

It was first released in November 2015. , and a year later was adapted for the Android platform. At the moment, War Machines has downloaded more than 10 million downloads. users. The game is now distributed free of charge, but traditionally has paid content for fans to speed up the course of events and receive additional bonuses. Some goods can be bought for 25.99 2 699.99 UAH. , but if you pay a monthly fee, you will receive a premium account in which the rewards are more serious, and the tanks are much steeper. To play on your mobile device, note that the size of the toy is 69 M, and the version of Android must be at least 4. 1. If you decide to download War Machines to your computer, then iOS 7. 1 and higher.

Features of the Var Mashines toy.

  • Bright graphics
  • Dynamic battles
  • Several locations for selection
  • Assortment of tanks and the necessity of their pumping
  • Single and team types of fights

As soon as the War Machines game is installed, the player enters the hangar where his equipment is stored. There is a repair and upgrade of machines, but in order to pump them to the maximum, you need a lot of money. Gold and diamonds are listed in the game. Gold stock is easy to get enough to regularly go out on the battlefield and destroy enemies. Diamonds are more valuable currency, and if you do not buy it for real money, you can get it free of charge only after a successful job and in battles against live players.

In addition to precious stones, a canister with fuel is also a valuable artifact as a prize. Also, tournaments are held periodically, where winners receive valuable prizes. Beginners must first run through, pass the initiation of fire and gain experience, and therefore only single-player mode is available to them. But it's even fun to drive around the field, track down and destroy enemies, collect coins from them and collect other bonuses:

  • Health restoration kits
  • Fuel tanks
  • Leaks
  • Gold
  • Stars

Only after reaching a certain level will it be possible to cooperate with other gamers, and take part in mass missions. By the time your tanks have to increase all four characteristics:

  • Bronu
  • Water section
  • Shortness
  • Atak

Each feature can be improved by five steps, so there is much to grow. The barrel, tower, caterpillar and engine are pumped. Additionally, you can apply a pattern to the case or apply a camouflage selected from the menu. Control quite simple in the left corner of the arrow helps to choose the direction of movement, and to the right there is a sight and a shooting button. Tanks can rotate the tower, take objects in sight, and the scale above other people's equipment shows the percentage of damage. There are always obstacles on the site, and if you go over the wall, neither you nor the enemy will be seen. This helps create some kind of surprise effect, when you do not know which side will be in danger. It is also pleasant that there is a choice of desert localities, forests, cities, winter landscapes.

War Machines game is constantly updated, and errors that players fix, are quickly eliminated by the developers. Undoubtedly, the product is quality and worthy of your attention. To evaluate it yourself, download it right now.

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