Alternative names: War2149

Igra War2149: New Space Odyssey. Each team is readily available, and still have to try to get lost in the wide menu. And the higher the achievement, the greater your success in the developed case. But the beauty of these products is someone everyone can build their own universe, going through the development and conquest, but quite another thing to stay on top, to instill fear and respect for neighbors. Joining the alliance will help to survive in a new world for you is a military and economic support, mutual benefit and jobs. Feeling friendly shoulder near, much easier to create and develop a fleet, explore the area, to gain power in the conquered planets. You should be fighting ships of all sizes, built defensive, military bases, different manufacturing.

  • Shahtery prefer to make strides in the production of resources and the development of technology to help the Allies. To get it, use reconnaissance probes, and when in their hands is really valuable data, they share them with allies or sold to interested parties.
  • Vash fleet should consist of ships of all sizes to be able to perform different operations and tasks. Most are small and nimble shuttles will be useful for the exploration and spot, well-aimed blow at the most vulnerable spot. For fast manipulation useful fighters and tanks with strong armor will protect the rear. Access to these and other riches War2149 open registration, which will turn you into a resident of the galaxy.

    Igrovaya specifics.

    iPlayer War2149 give you the pleasure of the action thanks to the almost instantaneous development of all components of the game - martial prowess, construction, economics.

    • Bystroe construction zdaniy
    • Uskorenny growth tehnologiy
    • Sozdanie alliances and join chuzhie
    • Naraschivanie military moschi
    • Manevrennye space korabli
    • Dostupnost hiring alien troops ras
    • Stremitelny economic growth or additional combat capabilities by purchasing artefaktov

    In addition, players can control more than 25 different technology and 58 useful talents, at the same time raising the level of its military units.

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