Alternative names: Sharar
Sharar game - a perfect solution for the youngest gamers. And if their parents project may seem a little weak, then the kids will be able to assess the true all its advantages. First, young viewers will meet a friendly atmosphere - bright decorations and favorite cartoon characters. Many children today are not prepared in the souls of those funny round characters, and the project will not only observe the life of your favorite heroes, but also to take active part in it. Parents can be absolutely quiet as the game Shararam totally devoid of violence, and the moderators are closely watching the mail and chat rooms that are used for communication in the project. All violators generally established rules immediately discarded from the game and get the ban if the player continues to behave provocatively, uses profanity, for him enter the game may be blocked forever. Sharar online - online browser game, which does not require any additional installation customers. Everything is so simple that even a child can independently understand the features of project management. Absolutely all the interface is made in Russian, so the problems should arise. Because it is a typical online game, then start the gameplay Shararah registration is required necessarily. This process is different again the same accessibility. The registration process begins with a brief excursion into the game. Courteous Smeshariki greets you and tells about the main features. After the course the young fighter you will need to come up with the name of his own character, or to join the project, using registration data from the social network Vkontakte. Immediately after that, you can easily start playing online Sharar. The draft you (and why not, strictly speaking, to play with the baby did not forbid anyone, besides, this project is excellent help to relax after a hard day of) the huge quantity of meetings and assignments. In the game you will constantly interfere with the characters of his supporters from across the country and even the world. In Shararah Smeshariki can add each other to friends, socialize, develop common strategies of the game - this mini social network within the online game. On requests from new friends system will notify you and all Smeshariki with whom friendship has already been concluded, are displayed in a special tab on the control panel. In Shararah play is also interesting because the project regularly throws the original task and mission that will earn extra points. Last can spend on buying new things or objects scenery, entertainment and medical examinations. Completing quests also increases game level. The only downside of the project that fully free to play Shararah fail - new maps and locations are opened exclusively for money. So, dear parents, do not be surprised if the child will ask you to do purely symbolic contribution to the improvement of his leisure!
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