Warhammer Dawn of War II

Alternative names: Warhammer Dawn of War II

Warhammer Dawn of War II - computer strategy game in real time. Game Warhammer Dawn of War 2 released as a continuation of the history of the game Warhammer Dawn of War. Fantastic game presented in outer space, full of fictional characters. Before you play with shown in the gameplay of Space Marine.

Warhammer Dawn of War II game, like any other computer game requires a process of downloading it to your computer. Download Warhammer Dawn of War 2 in the presence of you on your computer certain programs.

Game Warhammer Dawn of War 2 You'll play in the game a little star cluster - subsector Aurelius. This is your sweet home, which is necessary to protect and preserve peace.

The game's plot is rather complicated, because there are new enemies and tactics of changing the whole. And so often. Facilitate a game meant to be more than ever attentive.

To be precise, there are four parties to the conflict:

· Space Marines;

· Orcs;

· Eldar;

· Tyranids.

For single-user mode is available only Space Marines.

Game Warhammer Dawn of War 2 is a lot of characters. Check them out:

  • Commander;
  • Cyrus,
  • Avitus;
  • Davia Toole;
  • Tarkus;
  • Faldo;
  • Gabriel Angelos;
  • Seeing Idranel;
  • Orc chief.

Commander - your character. Fighting and completing quests will gain experience and uniforms. Performs almost any specialization. In Order disantnikov heads.

Cyrus - Chief of Scouts. Best in a secret movement and sabotage. Operated in firearms.

Avitus - runs a heavily armed squad of Space Marines. Owns more powerful weapon than the squad.

Davia Toole - representative at Cronus. After being wounded in the dreadnought placed to sustain life. Good strength in battle.

Tarkus - the most experienced paratrooper, paratroopers commanded tactical department. His soldiers are the most powerful and persistent.

Faldo - the commander of the paratroopers assault. Jump in the midst of battle with jump packs. Best melee.

Gabriel Angelos - Captain Blood Ravens, led by intergalactic cruiser "Litany of Fury". Legend Space Marines.

Seeing Idranel - representative of the artificial world Ultve. Commander of the Eldar in the sector.

Chief Orc - Bonesmasha strongest future boss.

Hurry protect your Space Marines. Always on guard.

Game Warhammer dawn of war 2 superb graphics pleases you before the gameplay can see in the screenshots and Warhammer Dawn of War 2 video. Which suggested to see how good instructional video.

Image quality action at a decent high level. And the soundtrack emphasizes this entourage in the game. And as always appropriate.

You should already look for where you can buy the game Warhammer Dawn of War II, perhaps even before testing the first part.


With Friends will be more fun, do not forget to invite. You good mood and good luck!

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