Alternative names: Warkeepers

Warkeepers online game - free th multiplayer s online Shooter genre MMORPG , features original, exciting storyline, unsurpassed graphics, creating tremendous momentum gameplay. Thus, the game Warkeepers allows with the fullness plunge into the realistic world of battles, valor and victory.

Join in the game Warkeepers not be difficult, as it needs only to go to the game site, start registration Warkeepers, then open the field to fill your player name, email address and password. Thereafter Warkeepers Online registration is successfully completed, as indicated by a notification to the email address that was specified. Feel free to start studying all the possibilities of gaming space!

In order to play the game online Warkeepers need the following system requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7 (recommended Windows 7)
  • Memory - 2 GB
  • Graphics - DirectX 11 discrete, 512 MB (1024 MB), Place - 1GB

Starting to play the game online Warkeepers, you immediately realize that her story is surprisingly unusual and intriguing. The action takes place in 1944 - the Second World War. It is like no other game will delight history buffs and battles of the past of mankind. Germany and Japan suffer a crushing defeat on the forces of the Alliance, but scientists Reich tirelessly working to create a new, terrifying weapons that should turn the tide of war. However, with this, they pose a threat not only to the enemy forces, but also for all life on Earth.

Also Warkeepers can play in two modes: PvE (against computer bots) or PvP (against the same players alive as you are.) Each mode has its advantages and value. For example, participating in PvE battles and destroying enemy manpower (and in some cases it is not so easy), we can make the experience necessary for the further development of your character, get new weapons and many other useful attributes of the game.

PvP battles - the battle with the players, also located online. For defeating them you can get a much greater reward than with PvE. Plus, it is clear that interact with real people and not computer intelligence is much more interesting and exciting.

Special atmosphere in the game make the various territories in which it is necessary to perform the mission, or just to meet and despatch enemies, among which can be found frightening "bosses." So you can get into the abandoned laboratory or gloomy catacombs, where every second is worth to be alert and ready for lightning-fast response and the appearance of courage.

As you can see, the game Warkeepers - the perfect way to grasp the last battles of the past of our planet, while not knowing how to turn the situation, taking into account several fantastic features made by developers for more intrigue gameplay.

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