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Warlander is a multiplayer action strategy game that you can play on PC with an internet connection. Players will see beautiful 3d graphics in cartoon style here. The characters are voiced by professional actors, and the music is chosen in such a way as to raise the morale of the soldiers.

  • Create a tactic to capture the enemy's castle
  • Do not allow your castle to be captured
  • Control your character on the battlefield
  • Forge alliances with other players

It would seem that the items from the list will not cause difficulties, but in practice everything is much more difficult. You need to achieve the perfect balance, and only then you will succeed.

Before you play Warlander, you definitely need to go through a small tutorial, it will show you the basics of control.

Next, name your hero and choose your preferred class. It can be a formidable knight in close combat, a magician who can deal huge damage at a distance, or, for example, an archer.

A collective game in one assault can take part in up to one hundred players. Victory is only possible if each of them fights with all their might and adheres to a common strategy. It is important that the squad has as many strong warriors as possible and fewer newcomers, otherwise the assault may fail.

The same principle can be followed when choosing an alliance to which you want to join. If you decide to create your own, then only you decide who will be in it. Try to attract experienced and strong players, but you should not expel all newcomers, having understood the tactics of the game, they will become a formidable force.

When assaulting the enemy garrison, remember to leave enough warriors to defend your gates, even if they are not the most skilled warriors, they will be able to hold off the enemies until help arrives.

In such games, it is very important not to miss days, so as not to let down teammates. In order to motivate you to enter the game more often, the developers have provided weekly and daily prizes for visiting.

During major sporting events or major seasonal holidays, fun contests with themed prizes will be waiting for you in the game. On such days, developers are especially generous and give many useful gifts.

The in-game shop will allow you to buy jewelry, weapons and other useful items. Both game currency and real money are accepted for payment. By spending a small amount in the store, you will thank the developers and motivate them to make the game even more convenient and interesting. Often there are sales in the store and this will allow you to get the desired items much cheaper. Check the store every day so as not to miss the time of discounts.

Check for updates, they bring new content and add locations to the game in which you have to fight.

Warlander download for free on PC, you can follow the link on the page. The game is completely free to install it at any time. In addition to PC, you can also play using consoles.

Start playing right now and glorify as an invincible warrior in the magical world!

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