War of the Vikings

Alternative names: War of the Vikings


Game War of the Vikings was developed by the creators of the famous computer game War of the Roses. In this game you will plunge into the world of medieval battles.

In the browser game War of the Vikings registration is done in a few seconds. In order to register in the game War of the Vikings you need to do the following:

1) Send your email address.

2) Specify the user name and password.


Before you start playing the game War of the Vikings you should choose one of the warring parties:

1) Vikings - they are bold and very real invaders.

2) Saxons - brave class, which is not the best defense.

Each class is divided into subclasses:

1) Warrior - has a medium armor, sword, shield and ax throwing. It belongs to the middle class.

2) Huscarl ( heavy class) - his forte - it defense attack deals two-handed ax. In this case the opponent takes heavy damage.

3) Scout (light class) - is a real fighter who uses a bow to shoot the enemies, and uses an ax in hand to hand combat.


In the online game War of the Vikings play kostyumizatsiey You can do your character, as well as its ability to continually develop.

You will be the deepest combat system and world ages 9-10.

In battles in the game War of the Vikings online can participate about 64 players.

Each melee weapon is also used during special attacks, which cause great damage.

There are 2 game modes, each of which can play up to 64 players.

Arena game mode is one of the game modes, the player can be attacked fallen further adversary. Also in this mode you can revive a teammate.

TDM - this is a game mode where the player can be revived, but each death affect the full amount of your points.

Technical requirements that apply to the game can be changed. At the moment, the following requirements:

1. Dual Core 2. 4GHz - processor.

2. 4GB - RAM.

3. 100 Mbit / s - the Internet.

Uniqueness of the game is shown in the following:

1. Aggressive combat experience. Running to battlefields that ends only with death opponents.

2. Either Viking. Here you define your own archetype with constant profiles and deep setting that [ _19_] allows shape their own Viking or Saxony, as well as the style of play choosing everything from armor style , heraldry, shield images, beards, armor, weapons and benefits.


Key features:

1. Historically inspired setting.

2. Ability to select the class.

3. Deep combat system. Claim victory by mastering, acquaintance, blocking, evasion, as well as a wide range of special techniques to improve their style of play.

Sign in unique and exciting game with medieval events War of the Vikings free. Invite your friends and family and enjoy his game together.


Play, win, achieve their goals with the online game War of the Vikings! Good luck in these incredible events!

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