Alternative names: Warstory online Introduce

Company, a developer of online computer games BigPoint familiar to all fans of this kind of entertainment for many successful and thoughtful projects. That is why the output of any new game from this company is perceived by players as a significant event.

The same applies to games WARSTORY online, which brings the players during the Second World War and offers side allies, the Americans or the Soviet Union and to hold decisive battles in Europe and their own eyes see the fall of Nazi Berlin. In this online game WARSTORY realized habitually bright and colorful, which is why play the game online WARSTORY will be interesting not only lovers of historical battles, but all fans of online gaming team.

Join in the game WARSTORY realized habitually simple and intuitive, as in all the other games from BigRoint. You need to choose a nickname (the name that you will continue to use in the game), a password to log into your account and provide an email address, which will be sent an email confirmation of registration and which will be periodically sent fresh gaming news.

Register WARSTORY take you only a few minutes, and if we consider that in order to play WARSTORY do not need to download and install special client (browser-based game completely), then you can almost immediately start playing WARSTORY. In this case, if you are registered on the social network Facebook, WARSTORY registration will be for you by pressing a button - such a pleasant opportunity to prepare for their players online game developers.

After registration, you have to choose which of the nations you will play. The choice represented by the Red Army and the allied army. Your purpose - to carry out the final battle against the Third Reich, online game contains more than 50 WARSTORY absolutely real historical battles for victory in which it is very important to use combat tactics and strategy and a clear coordination of movements allies. With the companions you will have no problems - WARSTORY online game very popular and the number of those wishing to play the game online WARSTORY tens of thousands.

An interesting feature of the game is the use of technology in addition to standard units and detachments of the so-called "heroes" - special units that have a truly unique abilities not available to other units, and whose behavior on the battlefield could have a decisive influence on the outcome. Thus for all the achievements in the game world, you will be encouraged by special medals, and she leads online game WARSTORY records of all became famous heroes and periodically gives them a variety of bonuses, in addition to the recognition and reputation among other players.

Jobs that you have to perform in the game, carefully thought out and are diverse. The passage of individual jobs may need to spend whole hours, but during this time, due to the fun and gameplay neodnoobraznogo interest in the proceedings can not be lost, but rather the contrary.

WARSTORY online game - a great example of how not make browser-based online games. Bright and beautiful graphics, elaborate job, interesting and detailed storyline, flexible system of bonuses and achievements and as a consequence of all this - a large number of game players and fans from around the world. Try it and you find yourself in the role of combat commander during World War II, which is quite capable to decide the outcome of the next important battle.

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