War Thunder

Alternative names: War Thunder

War Thunder - full immersion during the Second World War

The PC game War Thunder is based on the real events of World War II, using various military equipment of the time. Today in the game you can fight on tanks, planes, ships, fighters and helicopters. All types of military equipment of those years, worked out to the smallest detail. It all started with aviation, but the developers decided not to stop there and make the game as realistic as possible by adding other types of combat vehicles.

The creators took the historical part of the project seriously, the game War Thunder completely recreates the real events of military operations. By joining this project, the user finds himself in a different time and can study the history of the war by independently participating in the events of that time. The historical component is not the only thing that is as close as possible to the truth, the developers, when creating aircraft and tanks, studied the features of each model, all units of military equipment coincide with prototypes, appearance and technical characteristics. The physics of the game itself is also as close to reality as possible, the tracks of the tank may break or the chassis may be damaged after a hard hit into the pit.

An air simulator, as the authors of this project originally conceived, but the game went beyond a simple multiplayer online game, in which the main idea was military strategy and flight simulation. By adding additional equipment to the project, the developers brought the game to a new global level. All equipment can be conditionally divided into what flies, floats and travels on the ground. In other words, aviation, helicopters, ground vehicles and the navy.

Initially, it was possible to fly or travel on combat units of only a few countries. But today more than 10 are represented in the game: USA, Germany, USSR, Great Britain, Japan, China, Italy, France, Sweden and Israel. Each country is unique in its own way and the technique also has its own characteristics. Someone is strong in the production of tanks, someone is great at making planes, and someone is invincible at sea. In order to understand the global nature of battles, you must understand that a large number of players are in battle at once and they can attack you from any direction.

Subtleties of the game War Thunder

In order to join the project, you need to download the War Thunder game, this is the client version. Having installed a small program (launcher) on the computer, the player will begin his journey in time online. To download Var Thunder you need a minimum of 1. 5 gigabytes of RAM and 3 gigabytes of hard disk space. After installing the client, registration is required, and the player receives the necessary basic resources. You can participate in battles in four battle modes, which are divided in turn by difficulty. Beginners can choose an arcade mode for training, in which there is an assistant, he will instruct in the intricacies of control and the features of this model of technology. In a realistic mode, the history and terrain of real battles are fully recreated. The simulator mode allows the player to feel like a pilot or a tanker, down to the smallest detail, without turning the ignition key, you will not go anywhere and you will not fly. Combat actions are varied, you can participate in them both as a team and independently:

  • Missions for one or co-op players - here you need to complete various special tasks or participate in battles against computer enemies;
  • Session-based team battles - real players take part in them. Each team has 16 users, they are at war with each other. To win, you need to complete the tasks, capture or destroy the enemy airfield;
  • Racing - competition between pilots in the passage of the track at maximum speed;
  • Events - Historical re-creation of authentic battles. Only vehicles that were present in this place in a real war can participate in this type of battles.

Military equipment ofWar Thunder: tanks, planes, helicopters, ships

It is difficult to describe everything that has been added to the game during its existence. The work continues today.

  • Tanks: light, medium and heavy, self-propelled guns, SPAAGs and a separate premium armored vehicle.
  • Fleet: barges, boats, sea hunters, destroyers, cruisers, battleships + premium armored vehicles.
  • Aviation: fighters, attack fighters, attack aircraft, bombers, jet aircraft, helicopters + premium armored vehicles.

There are also technical ranks, there are seven of them. The higher the rank, the higher the quality and combat power. The seventh rank is usually modern combat units, but here you can also find a rarity that has proven itself well on the battlefield. Don't forget about premium armored vehicles. She left a mark on history and has her own legend, which you can familiarize yourself with. Sitting at the helm of such an apparatus, one involuntarily feels like a hero of our time, who is fighting for a just cause.

War Thunder Viking Rage PC - Major Game Update

More than four dozen new vehicles for Sweden and beyond:

  • CV 90105 TML - turret and 105mm cannon will turn your infantry fighting vehicle into a real tank.
  • Pvrbv 551 is a tank hunter armed with a real Swedish TOW guided rocket launcher.
  • lkv 103 - mortar, self-propelled artillery unit, has excellent dynamics and speed, powerful accumulative shot.
  • Lago I is a medium-sized tank, one of the first Swedish tanks during the outbreak of World War II.
  • U-SH 405 - lethal weapons can also be small, equipped with two rocket launchers, excellent maneuverability.
  • Lightning F. 6 - British jet plane, was able to overcome the speed mark of two machs, has excellent flight characteristics.
  • cruiser Sverdlov is light and maneuverable, it is excellent to cope with the set targets, it was developed for the USSR.
  • ZTZ96A - China's main battle tank, introduced to the world at the end of the second millennium, equipped with a thermal imager.

Apache helicopters (AN-64) for the USA of course appear in the game. We did not forget about the new locations Sweden and Denmark. So quickly download War Thunder Viking Rage to your PC and join the battle!

Expected War Thunder update

Brought to the game top aircraft and interceptors MiG-27M and JA37C Jaktviggen with Saab J35A Draken respectively. A total of 45 combat units and their upgrades. Two new locations "Cosmodrome" and "Breslau". New aircraft mission "Operation Honolulu" from an alternate universe (what could have happened). This update added dynamics to the battles. To see the full list of updates, you need to download War Thunder on your PC and join your first battle!

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